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A wind blown, rain soaked comedy series from the hipster streets of counter culture Portland.

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Interesting Facts about The Bicyclists Movie Teaser and Trailers

The teaser and trailers use footage from scenes from the feature film called "The Bicyclists". Note the "s" at the end of the name.

The Bicyclists is a full length high-definition movie that is inspired by "The Bicyclist" episodes. It has taken the four main characters (Conrad, Steve, Lissa and Zack) and some of the same settings and elements from the episodes and created a very new and different story.

Shooting was completed September, 2008 and the movie premiered April 10, 2009.

A movie page has been added to this website and a website dedicated to the movie is at www.thebicyclists.com where you will find many production pictures, screen shots, a media kit, more details and a several trailers.

First Time Here

The show - Explore the video player's options to the right of the progress bar: guide, share, full screen and volume. Click on the icons below the player to go beyond this site to social networking, new media and web technologies. To get the most out of the episodes we suggest you watch them all and in order. However, we recognize some people will want to get caught up quickly and may get the gist by going in order, while skipping a few. Once you get hooked you will want to re-watch them anyway.

We have other pages to learn about us, the cast, the Portland bike community, and obtain a press kit. On those pages you can read articles and bios, see great pictures and videos and link to other fantastic sites. Stay in touch and give us your input at the Bicyclist blog.

Cassie on Spare Parts We are especially excited about the extra page. Watch our new show "Spare Parts" It's a show within a show, with its own director and host. Not only will you see behind-the-scenes clips and interviews from The Bicyclist, but interviews and special features on the greater bike community. We have many more ideas for that section. Stay tuned.

In our store, you may get DVDs, t-shirts, and a variety of other items. We accept all major payment methods and are currently working to enable bitcoin payments. We can contact a large spectrum of customers owing to Bitcoin. The bulk of the population uses it, and it is also the most widely traded cryptocurrency. For autonomous bitcoin trading, crypto-robots such as BitIQ can be used. Look at the BitIQ app test results, to learn more about this potential bot and its efficacy. Right now the store has the really great "The Bicyclist" t-shirts, and selections for Foundation Garments but that is going to change big time with both show and community merchandise.