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The Bicyclist:
An Internet-Only Show About the Bicycle Culture

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The Bicyclist premiered in the spring of 2007. Its dedicated cast and crew and an unyielding commitment to quality, despite its micro budget, has made it one of the few lasting webisodes — and, it's totally fun!

, Oregon's vibrant bike culture is central to its unchained urban identity. This bike savvy city, and its bike scene is the birthplace of The Bicyclist. The Bicyclist is an ensemble comedy initially seen through the eyes of Conrad Miller, a transplant to Portland from Middleton, Wisconsin. Jobless and carrying a shiny new English degree Conrad drives into town.

Conrad lands a job as a bike mechanic at The Recyclery: a bike shop in the heart of the bike culture. There he meets his new friends: Steve, a female bike mechanic and love interest, Zack, the ultimate bike mechanic and antagonist, Lissa, a counter culture hottie and Jose, a local filmmaker with a flair for the dramatic.

There's a host of other characters inserting their separate, but sometimes intersecting, biking stories - The DUI Rider, The Demon SUV, The Weekend Warriors, The Lady Dive Bombers, Dope-smoking bike thieves to name a few.

Portland's diversity of bike activities and bike enthusiasts lends itself to a multitude of situational possibilities. It's a satirical urban hipster 90210 - not Beverly Hills, Portland 97210... a cycling soap opera, a dramedy that you can't stop watching.

Audiences view the show both for the pure enjoyment of it and a way to bring awareness of what can be part of the solution to problems brought on by a car-centric society. You choose. We donít care - just watch.
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The Bicyclist is produced by Craftmaster Independent; the independent production division of Craftmaster Productions. Craftmaster Productions has a diverse portfolio, but is currently focusing on video for the web.

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