Best road bikes of 2014

In a previous post and I made ​​a series of recommendations on eight road bikes for beginners in this sport. Now I would like to take a step further and to introduce 10 advanced road bikes . The budget of the bikes shown in this post is limited to the € 2,000 . For help with transmission groups you might want to browse this post onranges in road bikes .

1. Felt AR15 - The best road bikes of the year

The first of three bikes that will include Felt search. This is a bike with mid-range pure components (Shimano 105) and a highly advanced aluminum frame with internal cabling. It has a design extremely aerodynamic , which is perfect for long routes and demanding workouts. I think it is a beautiful machine.

Its RRP is € 1,781.

2. Willier GTR Gran Turismo Athena.

This Italian brand always manages to make bikes with exquisite design and mount further components of very good quality . Monta all Campagnolo Athena , which would be the rival of the Shimano Ultegra 11-speed, in a carbon frame with internal cabling. I think it is a very good bike and also very elegant.

Its RRP is € 1999.

3. Felt F5

Bike with a classic racing geometry . It is mounted on the Shimano 105 group, has a beautiful carbon frame with external wiring . If you prefer is an identical bike with a less radical position and internal wiring, then passes the F5 and look at this Z5 .

Su PVP es of 1910 €.

4. Cube Agree GTC Race

Nice bike made ​​by German manufacturer Cube. At its carbon frame with internal cabling also mounted a set of checks and changes typical of a medium-high range.Your rear derailleur is 11 speed like the Willier, which gives an extra dot in mountainous terrain.

Su PVP es of 1899 €.

5. Ultegra WRC Spirit. * cheapest and best value option - price.

Of all the bikes on this list I think this bike may be the most ugly and crude , but it is undeniable that its value is the best. Your box is aluminum and weighs a little more , but these same components mounted on a carbon bike any opponent can expect to pay about € 1,000 more. If you want quality without frills this is your bike.

Su PVP es of 1360 €.

6. Ultegra BH Quartz.

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Another bike that will be my favorite I must admit it is pretty good in terms of components mounted. Carbon frame, internal wiring and mounted with Ultegra 11 speed changes.

Su PVP es of € 1999.90.

Road bikes 2

7. Conor WRC Carbon Ultegra Zond.

Older sister of the Spirit Ultegra I put above. It differs basically in the box that is carbon, more aerodynamic and beautiful . A huge bike and undoubtedly one of the best road bikes in this list.

Su PVP es of 1850 €.

8. Canyon Ultimate CF 8.0 SL. * Election camper

Bike Campagnolo Athena Carbon mounted (as Willier) with some constituents that bikes even higher ranges. Bikes is nicer and lighter dae this whole list (just 7 kgs).

Its RRP is € 1990.

9. Canyon Ultimate AL SLX 9.0 SL.

It is the only aluminum bike I put for this price, but is riding a real scandal components .Sram Force 22 Kysirium Mavic Elite wheels, internal wiring and weight of 7.20 kg. A blast of machine.

Su PVP are 1899 € . For less than € 200 will have an identical model mounted on Ultegra .

Road bikes

10. B’Twin Facet 5 ESR.

Bike ignore many to be the brand that is . Mounted on Ultegra and a very aerodynamic frame, is a machine designed to compete.

Su PVP es of € 1999.95.

I hope you enjoyed this post and also you has been helpful. I know I have not included any Cannondale, Specialized, Trek, Giant or Merida . These are brands that are on everyone’s lips, in all the comparisons and personally I think they are not the best in value many times. Intended to do something different and present some less known options .

What did you like? What do you like most? Are there any that you’ve missed?

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