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Get on Your Bike and EVERY BODY Ride!

Recently, I had opportunity to make a video with the Therapeutic Recreation Community Partners non-profit in Colorado Springs and some new bike friends I met at the Indie Spirit Film Festival in 2010 when The Bicyclists screened there.

I could go on and on or I could give you some links that explain it all:

Here's a video about making the video and here's the finished piece.

Thanks to all the great people at TRCP that help every body participate everyday.


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The Bicyclists Free Bike-In Movie Offer

Bike Month Offer

Wow, a button to push!

This button links to our free Bike-In Movie offer and is part of The League of American Bicyclists enewsletter on March 28th and April 11. The email blast gets sent to over 20,000 bike community supporting members.

Here's to hoping the league's members continue to share their support for biking by setting up screenings of The Bicyclists in their own communities this May. We've had inquiries from Fayetteville, Arkansas; Mt. Rainier, Maryland; Montclair, New Jersey; Greensboro, North Carolina Dallas, Oregon and Portland, Texas.

We look forward to mailing out more copies of The Bicyclists to more places and making Bike Month 2011 great for every rider.


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The Bicyclists and Bike Month 2011

We're already looking forward to spring next year, not only because it's cold and rainy out in Portland and will be till May 2011, but because May is Bike Month. We're pushing to get The Bicyclists shown as part of as many communities Bike Month activities as possible. Our goal is to have 100 screenings across the the towns, cities and exoburbs of this great country during the month of May.

Why 100 screenings? Well because that's a big hairy audacious goal. (BHAG) BHAG is a term I picked up from making corporate sales and marketing video projects. Its stuck with me because I've seen its power work to motivate with incredible results.

To that end we're making lists and checking them twice to find out...wait...we're researching bike-friendly communities and sending them information packets, looking for ways to get the word out in a cheap pr kind of way and even placing ads in a few targeted online and print publications.

We want as many people as possible to see the film because we believe its message is important, timely and universal. Plus, when you've blown as much money on a film as we have you kind of want people to watch it in a “look at me, look at me, see what I can do” kind of way...


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The Bicyclists To Screen At The Salem Film Festival

We're pleased to announce that The Bicyclists is scheduled to screen at The Salem Film Festival at 2:30, on Sunday October 17, 2010.

The festival's mission is: "to bring exceptional films and filmmakers to Salem for the purpose of showcasing independent film talent, providing educational opportunities for amateur and student filmmakers, fostering film appreciation in the community, strengthening the local economy, and improving Salem’s quality of life. Our goal is to celebrate the art of film by creating a dynamic forum for artistic, social and cultural awareness in the community. We hope to encourage the appreciation of international film, to cultivate a vibrant local film community of viewers and filmmakers alike, and to provide a platform for independent filmmakers to debut their ideas and grow their careers through networking and showcasing their work." So, now you know.

We'll be at screenings throughout the festival and look forward to meeting other filmmakers, bicyclists and audiences from near and far. Along with me at the screening will be Sharon Jameson (producer), Elle Poindexter (plays Steve Jones), and Melissa Goad (plays Lissa Valentine). There's a Q&A after The Bicyclists that should prove enlightening to me and the audience, as I make up a lot of the answers on the spot.

See you there.


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The Bicyclists To Screen At Bike-In Movie Night

Our thanks go out to Front Range BBQ, New Belgium Brewing, and the Colorado Springs Cycling Club for being a great supporters of The Bicyclists and biking in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A special shout out to Allen Beauchamp for his continued support of The Bicyclists and making this event all come together. We can't think of a better place to have The Bicyclists screen: There's the great city of Colorado Springs itself, New Belgium beers, and bbq ribs. If Colorado Springs weren't such a stretch away from Portland we'd be there too.

This fall and winter we're contacting bikephilic communities all around the USA and Canada and scheduling more screenings of The Bicyclists at similar bike-in movie nights and community events especially during National Bike Month in May 2011. If you're a bikephile or know of one please drop us a line and schedule The Bicyclists to screen in your town. It's free, fun, and we supply posters, postcards, and heck we'll even talk to the media.

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