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Merry Christmas to All !

Dear Carl, Sharon, cast, crew, friends, family,

And most importantly,


of The Bicyclist,

As the hustle and bustle of this busy time of year takes hold and often clouds the true meaning of this most joyous holiday, I encourage everyone to stop for just a moment, ponder all of the gifts we have in our lives. I wish to extend a warm, love-filled, and Merry Christmas to everyone. I truly enjoy working with everyone, and get even greater fulfillment from entertaining our wonderful fans. To one and all,

Merry Christmas, and a safe, blessed, and Happy New Year.

Yours truly,



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You'll Wear What I Tell You To Wear !

"Come on, smile, those reindeer antlers look so cute on you. Now get out there and sell some trees," said Steve as she sent the hapless Conrad out to the sidewalk to hawk some Christmas trees. Conrad wondered what else he would do for love, but no he won't do that, no he won't do that. Ok, maybe he would do that and that other thing too.

The Bicyclist 24: "Friend And/Or Foe" is in the can and was a cold blast to shoot at the CrankMyChain Studios in Portland, Oregon. Thank you for hosting us Dan Kaufman.

Conrad (played by Jayme S. Hall) and Zack (played by Paul Glazier) took the episode over the top with some great improv and inspired acting despite having to endure the 104 degree water in the hot tub and the 39 degree air in the garage.

The episode will go online Thursday December 20, 2007.

Happy Shopping Holidays!


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Craftmaster Independent Ramps Up Production

The Bicyclist is back in production on The Bicyclist 24: "Friend And/Or Foe" starting December 15, 2007 with a new episode online December 20, 2007.

The episode will feature Jayme S. Hall as Conrad and Paul Glazier as Zack as they "decompress and debrief" in Zack's mom's hot tub after their battle with the Demon SUV.

The Bicyclist 25: Make Up Some Title Here will come out in mid-January 2008. But, I'm getting ahead of myself here. I haven't even finished writing The Bicyclist 24 - the ending is the tricky part.

Craftmaster Independent is also proud to announce the production of a short film entitled, "Together Again" starting in January 2008.

Elle Poindexter (Steve Jones on The Bicyclist) has been cast as Louise.
For more info on her acting career check out:
Andy Copeland has been cast as Jim. Andy's career spans the stage and screen in productions with the Firehouse Theater, American Heritage Theater, Theater Vertigo and training at Portland Actors Conservatory.

And we've just finished cutting a trailer for the feature film "Shaniko" we shot this past summer, starring Melissa Goad (Lissa Valentine on The Bicyclist). The film was written and directed by Phillip Roebuck and produced by Melissa's production company Inspireworks.
For more info go to their myspace page at:

Watch the high-res version here:
Full Length:

Short Version

Now Back To Work Everyone!


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And Now For Something Completely Different ...

Jose Ortega stars in Golfing with Gorillas

Jose Ortega (Jose Reyes on The Bicyclist) will have a premiere this Thursday night at 6pm and 7:30pm at the Hollywood Theater. It is a short film he did this summer called Golfing With Gorillas. Jose is the lead actor in this high-energy comedy playing a character who spits out dialogue as if he were on methamphetamines!

The film follows two friends, Matt(Jose Ortega) and Bryce, over the course of one hole and focuses on the story being told by Matt which is about the last time he and a friend went golfing and how they were attacked by three angry gorillas. As the story unfolds the memories are brought to life in a visual spectacle mixing the past and the present.

Admission is free, and donations are accepted.

The same thing happened to me once ...


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Look What I Found!

I was hanging around the editing room wondering what to do with the rest of my life, since The Bicyclist won't start shooting again until next year, when I stumbled across some extra footage: old audition tapes, some rehearsals we recorded, deleted scenes and different angles from episodes.

It got me thinking about stringing the footage all together into an incoherent whole, adding some music and calling it an episode. That's the story of behind The Bicyclist 23: Meet The Cast. If you have to ask, "What's the point?" I'd have answer, "There isn't any."

Ok, for those of you who haven't attached names to faces there is, and for those of you who want to see a quick progression of the characters over the season there is, and for those of you who are just wasting a few minutes of your employer's time there is. For me I got another episode out there.

The Bicyclist 23: "Meet The Cast" stars:

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes

online November 30, 2007

Watch it more than once.


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Send Us Your Ideas For Next Season

The Bicyclist 22: "To The Rescue" marked the end of season one of The Bicyclist. Together, we've watched all the characters change and grow from when Conrad first arrived in Portland right up till the last frame of this episode.

I have a few favorite episodes and I'm sure you do too, but where do we go from here? I have a lot of ideas and fragments of ideas, but I’d like to put the question to the viewers/readers of this blog. Please send in your ideas for new stories, characters or situations you’d like to see in upcoming episodes of The Bicyclist.

You can either comment from this blog where it can be discussed publicly - or email us at [email protected].

We'll have an expert panel of judges drink beer and talk about them. The ideas that we remember the next day win their name in the credits and we'll mail you a Bicyclist t-shirt.

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The End Of The Beginning

The goal of making 24 episodes in season one of The Bicyclist was pretty easy to guarantee when we started, but became a life encompassing effort about halfway through. (We made around 24 “full” episodes depending on how you count.) The enthusiasm and efforts of the writers, cast and crew kept us going and pushed The Bicyclist across the finish line in style.

The Bicyclist 22: “To The Rescue” nicely wraps up season one of The Bicyclist with authentic performances from the entire cast that add depth to their characters and leaves room for more growth next season.

Read this blog for description of the production:

The Bicyclist 22: "To The Rescue" stars:

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes

online November 15, 2007

Thanks to all our viewers, supporters, cast and crew for making The Bicyclist a continued success. We’ll be back real soon.

If you can’t wait for next season come on down to AudioCinema tonight.


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The Bicyclist Took Off Like A Rocket

Mark Olsen as Picka Lock and Jacob Coleman as Five Finger Discount are lost in space along with the producers of The Bicyclist.

We had our biggest viewership numbers for The Bicyclist by far on Friday. That is great news, but we want to repeat and increase our viewership consistently. How do we plan on doing that? I can tell you right now that I wish creating; producing and marketing The Bicyclist were rocket science.

Unfortunately, if it were rocket science I’d need to be a rocket scientist (if you've met me you know that is decidedly not the case) but, I bet if I studied real hard and got through Rocket Science 101 with the help of a tutor at least I'd know that the definition of the scientific method includes the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

Go to (You'll see how I neatly cribbed, but rewrote the last sentence from the article. This is a very effective undergrad writing technique.)

I've tried all that stuff with The Bicyclist and can't figure out why on Friday our viewer numbers went into orbit. I'm out here with my hypothesis down.

We've been blogging, sending out press releases, tweaking the storylines with action, with romance, with slow-mo and counter-culture hotties, in addition to being featured on sites, being the Editor's Pick several weeks in a row on and appearing all over MySpace.

I guess (hypothesize) it could be one or all of things. Yeah, that's it.

Congrats all and thanks for everyone’s efforts.


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The Bicyclist Is All About DIY

The editing on The Bicyclist 21: “The Long March” was going along nicely, if a little belatedly, when we got an email from Jeff Potter. Jeff has put up a blurb about The Bicyclist on his blog at:

It's great to get a write up like this - it helps to gain a wider audience and it motivates me to keep on riding the show called The Bicyclist. That and the fact that no matter what scene I'm editing today I keep discovering moments in each of the actor’s performances that really make the story come alive. I’m sure I could go on, but I need to finish this episode up. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy watching The Bicyclist 21 as much as I have had creating it.

The Bicyclist 21: "The Long March" stars:

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

online November 8, 2007


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A Perfect Gift For The Holidays

The Bicyclist is offering t-shirts for sale in our own very low-key way. There's a link on the main page on the bottom right of the screen. A modest shirt at the modest price of fifteen bucks, plus shipping.

We plan on adding more merch later, but for now Sharon wants to be cool about it. So just click on the link and order your shirt though PayPal, but don't make big deal out of it. It's all good man.

Get'em while they're hot or whatever.


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Why Can't We Be Friends?

"When we seek to discover the best in others,
we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."

-Arthur Ward

Craftmaster Independent, the production company that makes The Bicyclist, now has its own MySpace page. Why? So we can make more friends and to highlight some of the other work that we do. Plus a regular website just sits there with no interaction, no bulletins, no comments, no silly pictures and no friends.

We had to face it here at Craftmaster Independent: No man is an island and we can't live off The Bicyclist alone. And don't tell anyone, but we plan on producing some short films and other videos over the next year and we need some help.

Please check out the page at
and become our friend in the cyber world.


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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

The Bicyclist 20 is a fast-paced rock 'em sock 'em episode that has just the right mix of fear, hatred, angst, heroism, camp and alcohol driven insecurity.

Conrad thrusts with his big stick.

If you've been waiting for a long time to see the real Demon SUV in action this is your episode. If you've been waiting a long time to see if Conrad has a spine this is your episode. If not, there's always another pitcher of margaritas for Steve and Lissa finish off.

The Bicyclist 20: "Capture The Flag" stars

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

online November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday! Elle and Jayme


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How Much Of The Script Makes It To The Screen ?

"A screenwriter is not really a writer; his words do not appear on the screen. What he does is to draft out blueprints that are executed by a team."

- Paul Schrader, writer of "Taxi Driver", co-writer of "Raging Bull"

Writing team: Carl Jameson and Ian Bennett

The script, in the case of The Bicyclist 19: "Out In The Country", was shot according to a heavily rewritten script, modified through acting rehearsals and redirected on the set. If that wasn't enough the editor got a hold of the script and chopped a whole new episode.

The house we thought we were building still had all the bedrooms and bathrooms, but in different places with unexpected views. The yurt scene with Conrad, Zack and Jose was scripted to be longer - with more character exposition and closes. The scene between Steve and Lissa was originally a one long shot episode, but when cut as a counterpoint to the action in the country became even stronger.

There's always some fine tuning of the script with editing, but in this case we tore down some walls. Luckily, none of them were load bearing.

The Bicyclist 19: "Out In The Country" stars

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

Online October 25, 2007


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Who Lit A Fire Under Your Ass?

So here we were at The Bicyclist just plugging along like a normal Monday morning when somewhere around 10am our numbers started to spike. (We know when our numbers spike because a siren goes off in the office.) The day ended with the highest viewer numbers on record for a single day.

Most viewers watched The Bicyclist episodes 17 and 18 with only a few watching the complete series. The blog was hopping too - so we know it wasn’t a recalculation of old viewers stats or some other disturbance in the force on our server’s part.

We don’t know what happened, but we’re happy the viewer numbers are up again and continue to rise on a weekly basis.

Thanks all.


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The Need For Speed

I gave myself less time to edit The Bicyclist 18: “What No Fries?” than most episodes. Why? Because I needed more stress in my life. Wait, that's not it. When you have less time to edit, you're forced into decisiveness.

Do I want to use this shot or that shot? That shot. Move on. Repeat 3 more times in rapid succession. How to fix that audio? Pull it from there. Move on. Repeat. Color correction. That looks pretty. Move on. Lather, rinse and repeat. And it's online just in time. Less editing time may just make my ambivalence go away faster.

I have no ambivalent feelings about the quality of the writing, acting and execution of this week’s episode: it rocks. High Five. Cheers!

The Bicyclist 18: What No Fries? stars

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

Thanks to Jon Zeitler for his help on crew.

Online October 18, 2007


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The Edit Room Where The Sun Always Shines

The Bicyclist was finished shooting before the rainy season began in Portland, so editing can make it feel like summertime. Some scenes for the next episode were shot in August and I’ve been patiently waiting to get to edit the scenes. Cause they look fabulous:

This past week was a good week for The Bicyclist: we were an "Editor's Pick" on (our main server) and our numbers went up for The Bicyclist overall. And if you've read previous blogs - you know bloggers have been passing our name around.

Our MySpace pages continue to attract viewers and the hits there are rising - along with some new friends. (Conrad didn't know there were so many hot nude chicks on MySpace just wanting to be his friend.)

If we can keep this up one day we may be a contender...back to the editing system where it's always a nice day for a ride.


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Gwadzilla! Gwadzilla! Gwadzilla!

Melissa Rae-Goad has been busy writing bike bloggers about The Bicyclist. And here's one result a nice write up by Gwazilla.

And another reaction here:

Thanks for watching and reviewing The Bicyclist.

We appreciate your spreading the word - and the results you generate: the numbers for October 11, 2007 total show viewers overall were the highest we've seen at The Bicyclist yet.

and thanks Melissa.


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On The Road With The Bicyclist

A big belch goes out to some nice riding and naturalistic acting in The Bicyclist 17: Rest Stop. Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) and Zack (Paul Glazier) take a break from cruising on their bikes to bond over chicken, jojos and cola.

The episode was shot on-location on the Broadway Bridge in downtown Portland and at Cathedral Park under the St. John's Bridge in North Portland. The main scene: a single hand-held long shot of Conrad and Zack eating lunch with a friendly bee was meant to feel a bit raw and unforced.

Hopefully you agree.

The Bicyclist 17: Rest Stop goes online October 11, 2007.


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Dear Creators of "The Bicyclist"

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller and Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
from The Bicyclist Episode 1: Welcome To Portland

To: [email protected]tv
From: "Freewheel"
cc: [email protected]
Subject: Demon SUV

Dear creators of "The Bicyclist":

I have been enjoying episodes of "The Bicyclist" via the Rocky Hillside blog.

I am concerned that your villain, the Demon SUV, is not evil enough. For one thing, the SUV should be shown speeding, tailgating, violating yields, running red lights, and veering all over the road while the driver chats on a cellphone. Moreover, the Demon SUV must sport a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker as well as a pro-life and/or pro-war sticker.

Thank you for considering my perspective, and thank you for this wonderful series.




To: Freewheel
From: Carl Jameson
Subject: Re: Demon SUV

Thanks for the input - his behavior does get worse as time goes on - and we will reveal the driver soon.

Carl Jameson


To: Carl Jameson
From: "Freewheel"
cc: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Demon SUV

I look forward to the episode where the SUV driver is revealed. I picture him as pale and chubby, but well dressed. Kind of like Karl Rove.

Thanks again!



To: Freewheel
From: Carl Jameson
Subject: Re: Demon SUV

Your wait will soon be over.


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What Other Blogs Are Saying About The Bicyclist


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The Bicyclist 16: Sweet Ride

will hit the information highway Thursday October 4, 2007.

We’ve been working on the upcoming episodes a long time and it’s great to have them finally going online this week.

The performances by all the cast are very pleasing to watch - and a thank you is due all of them for their constant efforts to improve The Bicyclist.

Their suggestions, improvisation and motivation have a tangible effect on improving the script and adding dimension to the story. We must be doing something right because our viewership numbers are way hot.

So enjoy this episode and look out for us weekly till we’re done.


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The Camera Still Smells Like Smoke

The weather forecast predicted cold and rainy conditions Saturday, but we forged ahead and wrapped shooting for this season of The Bicyclist. Heck, we’ve shot under worse conditions.

Check out episode 1. Now that was cold and rainy - it was 39 degrees inside The Recyclery. Episode 10 was shot under the opposite conditions: hot, hot , hot. It was 93 degrees in glaring sunlight. These last episodes added the coldest night scenes and the smokiest fire we've ever seen.

We didn’t get any calls from local hospitals so Jayme S. Hall (Mr. Sniffles), Paul Glazier (Mr. I Hate Wearing Shorts), and Jose Ortega (Mr. Nice Tux) made it though the battle that is on location production. Don Bellairs (The Demon SUV) was there, but he’s the bad guy - so it’s ok if he got cold.

Now, it’s time to hit the editing room and see if we got it all.


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The Last Shoot For The Season ...

is tomorrow and the rain is looming. The rain is appropriate as The Demon SUV, played by Don Bellairs, will finally be revealed. Even, we at The Bicyclist have no idea what he looks like.

There's fighting. There’s romance. There's blood for oil. This and more happens in the non-stop all action, all drama, and all comedy finale episodes of The Bicyclist. Whoa, I can't breathe just thinking about it.

Thanks for hanging on everyone - there's more fun to come.

Hey, also check some new videos on the Bounty Oregon blog:


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Elle Poindexter Stars in Feature Film: "Recovery"

Congrats to Elle Poindexter, Rose Barclay and Christina Drop for completing work on "Recovery" a full length film from Playground Films.

Good luck on the festival circuit and nice work all.

Watch a high res version of the trailer at:


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The Autumn Equinox And Wrapping Up The Bicyclist

Soon, the golden light of autumn will turn to five months of mostly gray skies around Portland. The Bicyclist is playing the game of beat the clock and trying to get in a couple of more location shoots before we wrap for the winter season.

I’m very happy with what the cast and crew have accomplished in the last several months and look forward to shooting more episodes. In fact I’m a little undone by not having more time to shoot - I’m kinda getting hooked on this whole process - apparently though there is life outside my studio.

There are five more complete scripts sitting on my desk and ready to go right now. They scripts will spin The Bicyclist in new directions that aim to be surprising and authentic at the same time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll age like a fine wine.


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The Internet Renews The Bicyclist For Second Season

The Bicyclist has been renewed by the internet for a package deal of 12 episodes and an option for two “bonus” episodes between Season One and Two - weather dependent. (Not every day is a good day for a location shoot.)

During the cold winter months The Bicyclist will get a tune up and train inside the garage while listening to "self-improvement" tapes. What is our ten-second elevator blurb again?

The first episode of the new season will go online March 6, 2008.

That's if the cast wants to make more.


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Do You Have A Banana Seat In Your Pocket

or are you just happy to see me?

The Bicyclist 15+: Packing Heat finishes episode 15 with a twist.

The former mayor of Portland, Vera Katz, stars as a bronze statue. Also along for the ride is Conrad (Jayme S. Hall), Steve (Elle Poindexter), Lissa (Melissa Goad) and Nicole (Lucy Paschall). Yes, that's Jayme is all his buffness.

Conrad falls right into Steve's trap or does Steve fall right into Conrad's trap - either way Lissa is an innocent victim.

Airs: September 20, 2007


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This Funny Business Is Hard Work

“Actors, producers, and directors work under constant pressure… to deliver flawless performances, often while working under undesirable and unpleasant conditions… typically working long, irregular hours.”

U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics

The government got something right. We continued our road trip to Sauvie Island Saturday and nearly finished our shoot before the lights went out - ok the sun went down. The locations were spot on; the performances were some of the best so far in the series, and the footage looks fabulous man.

There is not a bad shot in the bunch - in fact the coldest, windiest, most rushed scene right there at the end just get back to one where does the camera go make up take off the blankets where is the microphone is this scene covered make up get in the car - car - car what’s with the wind hit that mark dip what mark dip that mark dip make up another frigging truck are you kidding me is beautiful in every way man. Got any more Red Bull?

It was one productive hallucination man.


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There’s Spots On My Internets

Here’s some new tv spots you’ll want to see:

The first is a Les Schwab regional commercial with Elle Poindexter
and the Demon SUV in a parking lot duel:

Ok, maybe that wasn’t the Demon SUV, but Elle stopped just in time.

And an Oregon Bounty website
spot for a series of videos highlighting Oregon attractions around the state.

The Oregon Bounty video was shot by me, Carl Jameson


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Naked Really Naked

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride is ready to hit the streets in all its glory.

Conrad (Jayme S. Hall), Steve (Elle Poindexter) and Zack (Paul Glazier) continue playing the triangle game. I tried to sketch it out on paper, but my head started to hurt with the emotional geometry of it all.

(See obtuse triangle: )

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride is one of my favorite episodes. The episode is solid from all angles and the performances feel balanced in a very human way.

Online: Thursday September 13, 2007


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I Love Hanging Out Car Windows

The wind in my hair, the bugs in my teeth, and the camera clenched in my hand is guerilla-style filmmaking at its most exciting. The oncoming traffic and potential for vehicular disaster purifies the experience for me. I’m not sure what Jayme S. Hall (plays Conrad) and Paul Glazier (plays Zack) think about it, but they look good as they take to the road for our newest episodes.

Meanwhile back at the editing suite:

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride is getting its final touches. Jayme S Hall, Elle Poindexter, and Paul Glazier have packed the episode with solid performances. Their work makes editing a pleasure.

Back to work - it's Monday again.


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Very Groovy Captain America

We at The Bicyclist couldn’t help but notice that bike riders and motorcyclists have a lot in common like love of the open road, freedom, sex and drugs. So, we decided to create our own little homage to Easy Rider in our next episodes.

Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) plays Wyatt (Peter Fonda)...Zack with little character alteration plays Billy (Dennis Hopper), and Jose (Jose Ortega) plays the George Hanson character (Jack Nicholson). Notice how I subtly connected your names with big stars. Google yourself now man and see what comes up.

It’ll be cool dude.

Captain America:
“Dude means nice guy. Dude means a regular sort of person.”


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The Bicyclist Episode 14+: Missing In Action

This episode was shot in less than ideal conditions: what with construction, bus and auto traffic, and terminally cloudy Portland weather.

We had our first “dog bites the girl leaving the coffee shop in the background” incident. No we can't show that you that take - it's been sealed and marked into evidence as part of the court proceedings. We had enough trouble getting this part of the tape back.

So, enjoy the latest installment of The Bicyclist with Steve (Elle Poindexter) and Jose (Jose Ortega) trying to act all casual about Lissa. Steve can't lie worth beans and Jose may just have to make straight videos.

The episode goes online Thursday September 6, 2007.


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You’re No Ingmar Bergman

“I…build on my own experience, on that of others - on everything I have heard and seen…The day Ingmar gives me the manuscript he also gives me the right to feel henceforward I understand the part best. She becomes my reality as much as she is Ingmar’s” - Liv Ullman

The scripts for the rest of season 1 of The Bicyclist are nearing completion. They push The Bicyclist into new emotional territory, which I hope the audience and the actors will find satisfying and challenging.

The upward spiral of improvement and expansion in storyline, acting and production values of The Bicyclist encourages me to take bigger risks with the program. And I can't wait to hand off the manuscripts to the cast.

Stay tuned.


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My Favorite Type of Post

The numbers are up again - this time nearly double their normal day rate for the week - and it looks like a continuing trend.

The MySpace pages, the blogging, and yes handing out those business cards at The Rhinoceros in Missoula, Montana helped.

Good work and good news.


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The Bicyclist Schedule

The Bicyclist will be back next week and the week after that and the week after that ...

The Bicyclist PREVIEW
September 27, 2007

The Bicyclist 16: Sweet Ride
October 4, 2007

The Bicyclist 17: Rest Stop
October 11, 2007

The Bicyclist 18: What No Fries?
October 18, 2007

The Bicyclist 19: On The Rocks
October 25, 2007

The Bicyclist 20: Capture The Flag
November 1, 2007

The Bicyclist 21: The Long March
November 8, 2007

The Bicyclist 22: To The Rescue
November 15, 2007

Don't worry we'll make more.


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New Overnight Viewers Record

The Bicyclist 14: The Bike Makes The Man just pulled the best overnight numbers since the premiere.

We see solid steady growth in viewer numbers since going weekly. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

And thank you to our cast for their efforts on their MySpace pages. This task goes above and beyond the call of duty and can only help increase awareness of The Bicyclist.

Links to the cast's MySpace pages can be found on the Cast page.

These exercises will translate directly to the screen and can add more depth to your performances -which will also help add more depth to my writing.

Rapid City S.D.


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The Bicyclist 14: The Bike Makes The Man

(Livingston, Montana)

Getting the right bike is a tricky proposition for Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) because Conrad's got a tricky personality for Zack (Paul Glazier). The comic timing in their scenes is on the mark and pushes the story forward.

The Weekend Warriors return - (Kelly Jo Horton and Mark Allen Eaton) - then promptly exit - in a scene that will send your head spinning faster. The Lady Dive Bombers aim high, then below the belt with Lady Thunderbird (Pat Janowski) offering a ride.

Then poor old Jose (Jose Ortega) goes for a job interview - bummer dude - with the sympathetic Steve (Elle Poindexter) offering her laugh-ridden condolences. Jose’s character is getting further fleshed out - which leaves us wanting more.

That happens in The Bicyclist 14+: Missing In Action.

Good luck and good viewing.


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Fear Of Death Is A Great Motivator

Sandpoint, Idaho

Rode my bike north on Highway 95 from Bayview (Around a 30 mile ride) - and swear I felt Death breathing down my neck with each passing SUV. I rode much faster than normal for a supposedly easy ride.

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride has finally wrapped shooting. The episode - considering its lack of wardrobe - should have been a quick one - but with schedules/locations and whatnot it took a bit longer to complete.

The extra time taken was well used and shows up on screen with a nice performance by Lucy Paschall as Nicole Summers - an Australian friend of Steve.

Following the first kiss comes the first argument between Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) and Steve (Elle Poindexter). Was that predictable or what? Nicely acted, with a light touch by both Jayme and Elle. There’s plenty more to come between those two.

More B&B (Bikes and Beer) to come. Time to get on my bike and ride to Laughing Dog Brewery.


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The Bicyclist Goes Online And Makes New Friends

The line between fact and fiction is blurry on the internet - especially on sites like MySpace, Friendster, FaceBook. We at The Bicyclist like reality a little messy about the edges and it seems so does nearly everyone I think I know therefore they are.

So, we've created MySpace sites for three of our characters:




These pages offer back-story on the characters and "storylines" not seen in the episodes. Plus, it's a great way for the actors to get to know to create depth in their characters.

There are real people behind the MySpace pages: Elle Poindexter created Steve’s site and Melissa Goad created Lissa Valentine’s page. They did a great job translating their characters from the screen to the world of buttons, graphics, histories and comments that is the world of MySpace.

Have fun learning more about all your little bike buddies online. The links to their pages are permanently on the cast page.


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Lucky 13 Brings In Big Numbers

The Bicyclist had more new viewers this week than any other - including the premiere week.

The Bicyclist 13: "Take A Lunch" had the highest amount of viewers for it's first week online for any episode. We were featured on - that made the numbers go up. Sharon has been blogging here and there about The Bicyclist - that made the numbers go up. And I believe the quality of the episodes made the numbers go up.

The newest episode: The Bicyclist 13+: "A Big Mistake" premieres Thursday August 16, 2007. It's a short episode, but all performed in one long take. Conrad (Jayme Hall) and Steve (Elle Poindexter), shot at sunset on the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade, will draw you in with their authentic interplay.

Please watch and share with your friends.


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You Look Fabulous !

We got to shoot scenes from Episode 18 and 19 this past weekend.

The still above shows Steve (Elle Poindexter) and Lissa (Melissa Rae-Goad) drinking margaritas in the golden hour - just at sunset - and they look fabulous.

The wardrobe by Sharon Jameson, the hair and make up by Rose Barclay and the sunset collaborated into creating some wonderful images - of course the natural beauty of the actresses was the foundation for the shot.


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Allow Me To Welcome

Ian Bennett to The Bicyclist.

Ian has chosen to join The Bicyclist team as a writer - which is just in the nick of time as we are shooting scenes from his just completed episodes soon...ok tomorrow.

Ian is the main writer on The Bicyclist Episodes 16/17/18. His writing adds depth, grace and style to The Bicyclist - not to mention fists, bike wrecks, and all out angst.

Thanks for joining the team.


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The Bicyclist 13: Take A Lunch

will be ready for viewing Thursday August 9, 2007.

Introducing The Lady Dive Bombers led by Pat Janowski (as Lady Thunderbird). Pedestrians keep to the sidewalk and pay attention when you cross the street - or they may just cross you.

Paul Glazier (as Zack Dupree) and Jose Ortega (as Jose Reyes) mix it up the back of the shop in a well-rendered scene. Jayme S. Hall (as Conrad Miller) with Elle Poindexter (as Steve Jones) deftly establish a natural rapport between their characters.

The process of creating The Bicyclist is constantly surprising to me as the writer, director and uncredited editor. I get to make this stuff up in my head, then guide it - with a lot of help - to the screen. And when it's finally done, like this episode is, (after watching it over and over) I feel honored.

I feel very lucky to work with a team of actors who can take the raw stuff of the script and make it into living, breathing people right before my eyes.

It's kind of cool.

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Sex, Drugs, Vintage Toasters & Weird Little Spacemen

Paul Glazier (Zack, in The Bicyclist) is appearing in

THIS IS OUR YOUTH by Kenneth Lonergan
directed by Drammy Award Winning Kristan Seemel.

In 1982, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the wealthy, articulate, pot-smoking teenagers who were small children in the '60s have emerged as young adults in a country that has just resoundingly rejected everything they were brought up to believe in. The very last wave of New York City's '60s-style Liberalism has come of age--and there's nowhere left to go.

In meticulous, hilarious, and agonizing detail, THIS IS OUR YOUTH follows forty-eight hours of three very lost young souls in the big city at the dawn of the Reagan Era: Warren Straub, a dejected kid who steals fifteen-thousand dollars from his abusive lingerie-tycoon father; Dennis Ziegler, the charismatic, domineering, drug-dealing friend who helps him put the money to good use; and Jessica Goldman, the anxiously insightful young woman Warren yearns for.

Funny, painful, and compassionate, Kenneth Lonergan's THIS IS OUR YOUTH is a living snapshot of the moment between adolescence and adulthood when many young people first go out into the world on their own, armed only with the ideas and techniques far more sophisticated than their parents ever realize, and far less effectual than they themselves can possibly imagine.

The cast:
Steve Brian as Warren
Paul Glazier as Dennis
Courtney Freed as Jessica

The show will take place at:
The Shoebox Theater
2110 SE Tenth Avenue Portland, OR 97214

Thursday, August 9th - Sunday, August 12th (August 9th: SOLD OUT)
& Wednesday, August 15th - Saturday, August 18th
8:00 pm curtain.

Tickets are on a $10 - $15 sliding scale and there are only 23 seats for each performance.

To make a reservation, you can call: 503.720.2529 or e-mail: [email protected]

Click the link below to view the poster for the show:

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Australia, Australia, Australia We Love You. Amen.

We love emailing and hearing from viewers all around the world. (The Bicyclist is on the world wide web after all.)

And we seem to have lots of fans from Australia. They've got a lot of cyclists there and some great big bike organizations and supporters.

Thanks for watching.

Make a comment and let us know where you hail from.


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They Like Us, They Really like Us

Revver ( one of the main sites that serves/distributes The Bicyclist on the web has again named The Bicyclist as an "Editor's Pick".

An Editor's Pick is displayed on Revver's main page for several days. This placement helps The Bicyclist gain more exposure to a wider audience - and more viewers.

We thank Revver for their support and outstanding service. (Ok, I'm not so sure about the NC-17 rating on The Bicyclist 12+: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya. - but whatever dude. That was harsh.)



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The Bicyclist 12+: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Five Finger Discount (Jacob Coleman)and Picka Lock (Mark Olsen) must console themselves with a whole lot of nothing.

The episode is great and spontaneous. Watch starting Thursday August 2, 2007


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New, Improved Bicyclist Website

by Sharon Jameson

Sharon has taken The Bicyclist site and revamped its look and feel. The result: The site is cleaner and easier to navigate. She wanted the majority of the site to land on your screen, while keeping the episodes easy to find.

And she did the redesign in between scheduling shoots, blogging, gathering props and wardrobe. And whatever else a producer does - like uploading episodes, tracking the audience numbers, watching the budget and fine tuning the edits.

Not bad Sharon.

I'll get to the writing soon - really I will.


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Thanks to All our Loyal Fans

for watching The Bicyclist.

We watch you watching us by watching the numbers registered on all the sites from which The Bicyclist is served.

The numbers show a strong weekly following and a weekly increase in viewers. This reaction keeps us making more of The Bicyclist - that and the fact it's a fun and challenging project.

So please keep watching, pass links and share The Bicyclist with as many of your friends as possible.

We're looking for a tipping point in The Bicyclist viewership numbers. A tipping point? You know what a tipping point is right? When a cow tips over in a field and no one is there to hear it fall does it happen?

Pass it on and thanks for watching.


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It's Hard To Keep Up

with such good actors.

Performances like those of Jayme S. Hall and Elle Poindexter from

The Bicyclist 13: Take A Lunch
and The Bicyclist 13+: A Big Mistake

come across as honest, real and true to the scene.
(I can't reveal the details, because that would just spoil everything.)

Since they keep raising the bar, I need to keep up. So between shoots this summer I'm studying the art of directing actors. (About time.)

Yeah, I know.


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Episode 12: Lock Your Bike

is on the pad and ready to launch.

The episode was fun to edit and even though I've watched it about fifty times - I still laugh. Must be something in the water...or in the performances that took risks.

Conrad Miller (Jayme Hall) buddies up to the rascally Zack Dupree (Paul Glazier). Steve Jones (Elle Poindexter) cuts it up with the pretty in pink Lissa Valentine (Melissa Goad).

With a title like "Lock Your Bike" you know that Picka Lock (Mark Olsen) and Five Finger Discount (Jacob Coleman) will appear and knock your socks off - and take your wallet.

By the way in this episode all the characters and incidents are fictitious. Any relationship to real persons or incidents is coincidental. A little coincidental.


NEXT EPISODE: Thursday August 2, 2007
The Bicyclist Episode 12+: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya


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Shoot, shoot, shoot

We've been shooting new episodes, adding new characters and pumping up the volume on The Bicyclist while the sun shines...or it rains here in Portland.

We've welcomed the multitalented Pat Janowski to the cast as Lady Thunderbird. Stay out of her way and everything will be cool.

The Weekend Warriors: Kelly Jo Horton as Patty People and Mark A. Eaton as Jim People will be back on your screen soon and Dewey the DUII Rider will show up at the most unexpected times.

Keep watching every Thursday for new episodes.


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Don't forget to watch The Bicyclist 11: Losers, Weepers

before you watch the first inter-episode The Bicyclist 11a: Making The Connection.

And tell you friends to watch too. The more viewers the better.

To share episodes or to watch on high res quicktime go to

The next full episode: The Bicyclist 12: Lock Your Bike arrives on your computer screen July 26, 2007.


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Finding The Moment

Editing isn’t always about taking things out, more often it’s about finding the moment to keep in: the nuanced glance, the smile, the movement that adds just the right touch to the scene.

We just spent the day editing The Bicyclist 10+: Making The Connection and its chuck full of magic moments with Jayme Hall as Conrad Miller and Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones.

This is our first take at inter-episode. (I just made that word up) Inter-episodes are one-scene episodes that further develop the characters based on the plot of the previous episode.

Our episodes are already snack-sized, so think of an inter-episode as bite-sized entertainment. You love bite-sized candy on Halloween, so we figure you’ll bite-sized episodes every other week too…and very tasty ones at that.

The Bicyclist 10+: Making The Connection
goes online Thursday July 19, 2007.


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Thanks to the Recyclery

for letting us shoot at their bike shop during their busiest time of year.

We shot all day Sunday, all over the shop, inside and out, to crank out scenes for the next four episodes of The Bicyclist.

The place looks great on video - I just watched all of it - and so do the actors. Jayme Hall bulked up and buff for his naked bike ride scene. Elle Poindexter, as the confused and caught up in a crush Steve, sported designer outfits and perfectly coiffed hair. Paul Glazier, as Zack Dupree, looked the tough guy part with his biceps tearing through his tees. Jose Ortega, as the spurned by love Jose Reyes, carried off a neon colored butterfly t-shirt with a certain savoir-faire.

Dan Kaufman of made a cameo appearance as himself. What could better than that?

Thanks to Christina Drop for excellent make-up.

Oh, don’t get me started on how great the acting was…


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Melissa Goad Stars in Independent Feature

Melissa Goad, plays Lissa Valentine on The Bicyclist, stars in an independent feature produced by Inspireworks entitled:

"Shaniko" directed by Philip Roebuck, starring

Phillip Roebuck
Melissa Goad
Rodney Bowman
Caroline Walkup
Dennis Rolly
and Ruby Lee Roebuck

When their estranged father dies the truth is set free for a brother and sister. Can they believe it? They must go to Shaniko to find out.

Cinematography by yours truly, Carl Jameson.

Permalink 11:33:17 am, by admin Email , 138 words, 42 views   English (US)
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Jayme Hall Stars in Two Features

Jayme Hall, in addition to working on The Bicyclist as Conrad Miller, is starring in two independent feature films:

In Production:

"Simple Connections" - Directed by Glen Hines. Tony, (Jayme Hall) after a series of unfortunate and complicated first dates, finally connects with Jaime (Natalie Williams) in the unlikliest of places.

"The Iconographer" - Directed by Andy Mingo. After both suffer career set backs, two estranged brothers find themselves in a love triangle. Constantly looked up to as a hero, Stone Lewis struggles to save the one person he truly loves; his brother, Derick Lewis (Jayme Hall).

Good luck on both films. We look forward to their premieres.

We've ordered you own trailer with a star on the door, just like you demanded. The one with the 42in HDTV and the wet bar. The hot tub is on back order.


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Rehearsals Were Electrifying

It could have been the lighting storm and the humid summer night, but when the cast of The Bicyclist went into rehearsal for episodes 12/13/14 last night they really light up the house.

The scenes played well and the script got tightened up in preparation for this weekend's shoot. We look forward to shooting some great scenes that propel the story and the characters into some very unexpected places.


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Episode 11: Losers, Weepers

The jousting on and off the field continues.

Episode 11 will be online this Thursday morning. Yes a week early - so you can keep up with all the action.

The Bicyclist will continue to go online weekly. Full episodes every other week. Playing opposite the main episodes will be shorter ones that keep the story moving along...

You'll get it when you see it.


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Episode 10: The Prize

is ready to go online on July 5, 2007.

This episode finds our hero Conrad in a bike jousting match with the evil Zack Dupree. Who wins? Who loses? Who cries like a baby?

Watch and see.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This episode was so good we decided to edit it into two episodes, but instead of making you wait for two weeks you only have to wait one. Episode 11: "Losers, Weepers" will go online July 12, 2007.


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Yikes - We Didn't Send Out The Email Reminder

We were out of town - really, really out of town - so we couldn't send out the email reminder to all our subscribers when The Bicyclist Episode 9 went online.

So to make it up to you all we've cut a Preview to Episode 10: The Prize. The episode is an all action, all romance extravanza.

The Preview will be online this Thursday.

And for those of you who don't read the blog - we'll send you a reminder - really we will. But, you aren't reading this anyway - so I'll stop typing.


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Episode 11 was a blast to shoot

guerilla style on the streets of Portland.

I'm sworn to secrecy on the storyline, but the actors were in high form and so we're a lot of the pedestrians near the N. Going Street Pedestrian Bridge.

We welcomed back to the set: Jacob Coleman as Five Finger Discount and Mark Olsen as Picka Lock. They shamelessly chewed up the scenery and kept everyone laughing.

Melissa Goad as Lissa Valentine looked pretty in pink and Elle Poindexter anchored the episode with some perfect comic timing.

By the way in this episode all the characters and incidents are fictitious. Any relationship to real persons or incidents is coincidental. A little coincidental.


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Get On Your Bike And Ride

The Bicyclist 8 is online.

Get ready for a great ride. We shot around Portland, in the Columbia Gorge and at the Recyclery. It makes for an expansive feel and gives our characters room to breathe.

This episode adds Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree and Gregory Bourdeau as the Bike Commuter.

We had fun writing, shooting and watching this episode really come together.


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Sex, Violence and the Big Heat

The Bicyclist 10: "Finders, Keepers" is in the can. The episode, shot on location in Boring, Oregon was the most physically demanding yet for both the cast and crew. The whole team struggled through an 86 degree day with a merciless sun filled sky. The sun beat down on us but could not knock us out even though many suffered from a sleepless night, hangovers, allergies, the flu and near heat exhaustion.

Jayme S. Hall and Paul Glazier wore full body armor and did their hard fought stunts take after take after take. They punched, flew and crashed into the episode without breaking a sweat. Ok, they were really sweaty.

The make up stayed on and looked great even in full sun. Thanks, Rose.

Jon Zietler's contraption made to screen, bounce and reflect light from all angles did the trick and never sailed away. The contraption, for which we have no name, helped make the images crystal clear and evenly light.

The BBQ rounded out the fun and Flavor Ice Pops finished it.

All the actors to give on point and believable performances under extreme conditons - but that's the mark of pros. Kudos to them all. I look forward to editing my new favorite episode - oh wait I'd better edit The Bicyclist 8: by Thursday so you can meet Paul Glazier's character: Zack Dupree.


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5/25/07 AP
Portland, OR.

Jayme S. Hall, star of internet tv's "The Bicyclist," was attacked Friday afternoon by a vicious pitbull while riding his bike during a lunch break (yes, he ACTUALLY rides his bike). The incident occurred in front of a salvage yard driveway, at the end of the dead-end street of NE 46th and Columbia Blvd., at apx. 12:40 pm, PST.

Although uninjured, Mr. Hall was still shaken by the experience. "This big set of teeth with legs just came charging out onto the public street and was nipping at my feet while I tried to turn around," he told the Associated Press. The pitbull was unable to grab ahold of any flesh, but did manage to sink his teeth into Jayme's pant leg, with enough force to pull his feet off of the pedal and untie his shoe. A man associated with the salvage yard did come out of the garage during the scuffle and casually called off the dogs (as there were two, though only one made contact with "The Bicylist" star), but did little else.

"I didn't like it at all," he said in an email interview Friday, just after the attack. "There's just no excuse for that sort of thing." A spokesperson for Mr. Hall told the press later on Friday that this incident will in no way interfere with his work on "The Bicyclist," and that he will be all ready to go for the next episodes.

Permalink 11:02:19 am, by admin Email , 37 words, 63 views   English (US)
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Check out today Oregonian article on web tv


Permalink 08:24:44 am, by admin Email , 149 words, 138 views   English (US)
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We cut this episode close to the deadline

but that's what great about producing an internet tv series. The medium is so fresh. You can shoot, edit and have it online the same day.

Episode 7: Sir Conrad and the Demon SUV

We shot the dream sequence Sunday night on dead end street in north Portland. Since there was no electricity available at the location we used an existing street light, some powerful battery lights, and car headlights to illuminate the scene. Thanks go to Jon Zeitler for some great work under less than ideal conditions.

And we edited it together - adding the velvet-gloved voice of the Demon SUV - Wednesday morning. Don Bellairs voiced the Demon SUV with just the right amount of menace.

Please welcome to the cast the Weekend Warriors - Jim People played by Mark Allen Eaton and Patty People played by Kelly Jo Horton.

They really just need to get on their bikes and ride.


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The Bicyclist viewer base is growing

The number of regular viewers of The Bicyclist continues to grow. We'd like to think it's the quality of the show itself (which is the biggest part of our success), but there's also a thing called marketing.

We continue to market ourselves on blogs, in guerilla print campaigns (posters are coming to a light pole near you) and by adding The Bicyclist to as many reputable video websites as possible.

We are always working to get featured on the main pages of video websites. Check out next Thursday.

Knowing how many viewers we have is an inexact science. Most, but not all, of the video websites supply us with figures.

We have noticed a general trend of increased viewership throughout the two-week show cycle.

The Bicyclist is also picking up new viewers - who watch all the episodes - and many add themselves to the reminder list.

We were pleasantly surprised to look at the overnights on the release of our Previews 7-9 and see our highest release day total since Episode 1.

Thanks for watching - now I’ve got to get back to writing more.


Permalink 11:05:14 am, by admin Email , 225 words, 64 views   English (US)
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Look what Revver said about The Bicyclist on their blog

The Bicyclist

Posted by unclealex

Monday May 14th 2007, 2:15 pm
Filed under: Revver Community

So…biking is super cool right now. Hip kids in cities around the world are spiffing up old Schwinns and Bianchis and starting bike gangs and organizing midnight rides. It’s pretty damn cool to see people braving LA’s car-choked streets on their bikes, especially when they do it in the hundreds (Midnight Ridazzz), stopping Friday night traffic on some of

LA’s busiest streets. The bike scene in LA is just one indication of a larger surge in bike communities springing up across the country

Portland, Oregon is a particularly bike savvy city, and its bike scene is the inspiration for a new web series called The Bicyclist:

[The Bicyclist is] a wind blown and rain soaked comedy series from the hipster streets of counter culture Portland, Oregon. Alternative transportation, alternative lifestyle, alternative tv.

Funny thing about this - the networks will probably pick up on the whole bike craze in about five years and do a CW show about urban bike kids, but the beauty of the internet is that somebody is already tapping into that scene and doing a show about it. So don’t wait for old media to catch on (they move so slow!) - watch more of The Bicyclist now at


Permalink 03:58:23 pm, by admin Email , 54 words, 41 views   English (US)
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Logging the newest footage

and there's plenty of it to log. Three hours of footage for three shows - Plus there's a few more scenes to shoot. - I promise I'll storyboard more next time. ( I say that every time )

So onward and look for a "preview/making of" video for episodes 7 - 9 to be online Thursday morning.

Short and sweet.


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Episode 6: Drink and Bike is online

This is another of our new longer episodes - so it takes more time to write, shoot and edit. We think the effort has paid off with some great acting and a nicely finished story arc.

And everybody looked fabulous...ok Jayme only looked almost sober, but Elle and Trisha really did look fabulous in dresses from Foundation Garments.

And Melissa you looked fabulous. You'll be happy to know you get to wear more clothes next time.



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Conrad Miller needs friends

As you know Conrad has just moved to Portland and he needs to make friends. Steve is great, but he'd like some virtual friends on MySpace. His profile is at:

Become his friend and make suggestions for his likes/dislikes etc.

Conrad Miller The Bicyclist


Permalink 03:12:30 pm, by admin Email , 60 words, 79 views   English (US)
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Three more episodes are in the can

and on the way to the editing department.

We had great couple days of shooting and some new crew on The Bicyclist. We welcomed to the set: Abigail Scott. Check out her work here:

The new episodes will be released starting in three weeks ... stay tuned because we think they're geting better and better.


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Episode 5: Late Night Picture Show

is screening now.

Share your thoughts here.


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Episode 5 is on the launch pad

and ready to lift off Thursday morning at 9:00AM.

The episode will be on more video sites than any previous episode. We're served from,, to other sites like YouTube, MySpace, google video, yahoo video, etc. etc. etc. We prefer you watch us from, but we're just about everywhere you look.

As the Bicyclist is distributed further out into cyberspace the more we increase our fan base. The number of hits for Episode 4 have surpassed Episode 1 (which had huge premiere numbers) and it continues to stay strong due to the support of our server sites.

We were featured on and which really got us off the ground.

The next video site we'll be landing on is with Episode 5.


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Episode 4: Missed Connection Review

Wow!!!! I really liked this episode. It's sooo real!

Steve is a riot trying to figure out how to tell Conrad he has a job since she would rather tell him he didn't get it.....she thinks. Her last effort was so syrupy that saccharine couldn't have made it sweeter. But, the viewer knows that that's the one she subconsciously would like to send.

And too convincing as a screw-up! Talking to Steve when he thought he was talking to Stacy, his girl friend back home was staged and acted superbly by both. His line, "The pieces of my life are really falling into place here!" was an absolute hoot!

Having Conrad walk off screen to the right and Steve walk off screen to the left was highly symbolic: They're moving in opposite directions when the audience wants them to move toward each other. "Will they ever get together?"

And the movie director scene almost at the end, with the Amazon and the grunge rock star wannabe playing the weird smarmy music is way over the edge.

The final scene, the e-mail threat from the "Demon SUV" adds a "Taxi Driver" dollop of drama to the episode though I couldn't tell if I should be scared or laugh, as in the ":Rocky Horror Picture Show" kind of chuckle.

All in all, this episode grabbed me and held me captive right up to the end. And it piqued my interest to "Tune in two weeks from now, same time, same place" to catch the next scintillating, titillating, hyper-ventilating episode of "The Bicyclist"!!!

In case you didn't get my drift, this episode really smoked.......

and I'm not just blowing smoke ...!

Steve Hanning


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Episodes 7 - 9 are finalized and ready to shoot

We've added some new characters and new locations to The Bicyclist.

The cast met with the writers last night and went over the scenes taking a nip here and a tuck there to make the next three episodes play just right.

Welcome to the cast:
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree the rad bike mechanic.
Gregory Bourdeau as Bike Commuter Guy.

Also appearing for the first time on The Bicyclist:
Mark Eaton as Mr. Weekend Warrior
Kelly Jo Horton as Ms. Weekend Warrior.
with the Demon SUV played by Don Bellairs

Don't worry Jayme S. Hall as Conrad
and Elle Poindexter as Steve are still hanging with us.
So is her partner: Tricia Ferguson as Ariel Flores.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wet your pants
just like John Patrick as the DUI Rider


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Episode 4: Missed Connection is getting great reviews.

"Missed connections" is really connecting with people from across the web. We've been receiving some very supportive email and comments on several blogs.

We appreciate every comment - and the positive feedback we get from our viewers. Those comments and the increasing amount of viewers encourage us to make more.

NOTE: The shows will be getting longer and premiered more frequently as our sponsorship and viewing rates continue to increase. So keep clicking, add yourself to the reminder email list and send the link to you friends.


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Writing Episodes 7 -9

We're well into writing the next batch of episodes of The Bicyclist.

They look to be even more fun than the last set - while we continue to add dimension to the characters.

Meanwhile check out the new preview. Episode 4 will be online next Thursday.


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Episode Three is online and there's more to come!

We had a great time shooting more episodes these last couple of days.

There's new characters, new locations and new complications for Conrad and Steve.

We shot for 16 hours on Sunday with a lot of extras in a party scene. After that much time shooting you get the hangover the next day, but not the buzz the night before...


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Episode 2 - is online and we'll make more

The Bicyclist Episode 2: Good Day for Ride is getting good reviews. So we're making more - we've got a writing/rehearsal meeting coming up - then it's back to the streets for more taping.

We have some pretty cool stuff waiting in the wings: like Theremin players, sci-fi parties, green screen effects, local designer clothing and bikes.

Can't wait ... see you there.


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The Bicyclist Debut Makes A Big Splash

We had a great time on KATU AM Northwest talking about The Bicyclist.

AM Northwest showed both the trailer and clips from the first episode - within minutes our hits skyrocketed.

Thanks to AM Northwest and to all the other bloggers out there who keep linking to the video.


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We're Up and Online

The first episode is online and we've already had over 600 hits.

Which is good thing.

It will be interesting to see how they add up during the day.


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Welcome to Portland

The first episode of The Bicyclist is ready to go online.

Since this is the first time we've done all this uploading stuff we're a little nervous about making sure the episode gets where it's supposed to go and fast.

We hope you like it and there's more to come.

Remember to be kind and rewind the video when you're done watching it.


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Suprise! It was cold and rainy in Portland

The cast and crew braved the cold and the heavy winter rain to complete the first three episodes of The Bicyclist on time and with minimal loss of life. The nice nurse at the emergency ward said the numbness in our extremities will go away in time, with proper rest and hydration.

Special thanks to The Recyclery (1417 SE 9th Ave.) for the use of their cavernously large bike shop as our main location and the use of thier bikes in production.

And to Tour De Crepes (2921 NE Alberta Street) for letting us shoot at their unique creperie.

Now it's time to edit.


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The Bicyclist Starts Production

The Bicyclist, an ensemble web tv series, starts production this weekend.

We're planning on taping three shows - whether or not the weather cooperates.

The cast is ready and primed for the shoot and the crew is ready to help knock one out of the park.

The first shoot is zooming from the camera, through the editor and online by March 1. Yikes, that's fast, but we've been planning this for months
and nothing can go wrong...go wrong...go wrong...

The Bicyclist

This is a blog open to the public to comment on the Internet TV series "The Bicyclist"

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