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Welcome to Portland

The first episode of The Bicyclist is ready to go online.

Since this is the first time we've done all this uploading stuff we're a little nervous about making sure the episode gets where it's supposed to go and fast.

We hope you like it and there's more to come.

Remember to be kind and rewind the video when you're done watching it.


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Suprise! It was cold and rainy in Portland

The cast and crew braved the cold and the heavy winter rain to complete the first three episodes of The Bicyclist on time and with minimal loss of life. The nice nurse at the emergency ward said the numbness in our extremities will go away in time, with proper rest and hydration.

Special thanks to The Recyclery (1417 SE 9th Ave.) for the use of their cavernously large bike shop as our main location and the use of thier bikes in production.

And to Tour De Crepes (2921 NE Alberta Street) for letting us shoot at their unique creperie.

Now it's time to edit.


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The Bicyclist Starts Production

The Bicyclist, an ensemble web tv series, starts production this weekend.

We're planning on taping three shows - whether or not the weather cooperates.

The cast is ready and primed for the shoot and the crew is ready to help knock one out of the park.

The first shoot is zooming from the camera, through the editor and online by March 1. Yikes, that's fast, but we've been planning this for months
and nothing can go wrong...go wrong...go wrong...

The Bicyclist

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