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Episode Three is online and there's more to come!

We had a great time shooting more episodes these last couple of days.

There's new characters, new locations and new complications for Conrad and Steve.

We shot for 16 hours on Sunday with a lot of extras in a party scene. After that much time shooting you get the hangover the next day, but not the buzz the night before...


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Episode 2 - is online and we'll make more

The Bicyclist Episode 2: Good Day for Ride is getting good reviews. So we're making more - we've got a writing/rehearsal meeting coming up - then it's back to the streets for more taping.

We have some pretty cool stuff waiting in the wings: like Theremin players, sci-fi parties, green screen effects, local designer clothing and bikes.

Can't wait ... see you there.


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The Bicyclist Debut Makes A Big Splash

We had a great time on KATU AM Northwest talking about The Bicyclist.

AM Northwest showed both the trailer and clips from the first episode - within minutes our hits skyrocketed.

Thanks to AM Northwest and to all the other bloggers out there who keep linking to the video.


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We're Up and Online

The first episode is online and we've already had over 600 hits.

Which is good thing.

It will be interesting to see how they add up during the day.

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