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Three more episodes are in the can

and on the way to the editing department.

We had great couple days of shooting and some new crew on The Bicyclist. We welcomed to the set: Abigail Scott. Check out her work here:

The new episodes will be released starting in three weeks ... stay tuned because we think they're geting better and better.


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Episode 5: Late Night Picture Show

is screening now.

Share your thoughts here.


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Episode 5 is on the launch pad

and ready to lift off Thursday morning at 9:00AM.

The episode will be on more video sites than any previous episode. We're served from,, to other sites like YouTube, MySpace, google video, yahoo video, etc. etc. etc. We prefer you watch us from, but we're just about everywhere you look.

As the Bicyclist is distributed further out into cyberspace the more we increase our fan base. The number of hits for Episode 4 have surpassed Episode 1 (which had huge premiere numbers) and it continues to stay strong due to the support of our server sites.

We were featured on and which really got us off the ground.

The next video site we'll be landing on is with Episode 5.


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Episode 4: Missed Connection Review

Wow!!!! I really liked this episode. It's sooo real!

Steve is a riot trying to figure out how to tell Conrad he has a job since she would rather tell him he didn't get it.....she thinks. Her last effort was so syrupy that saccharine couldn't have made it sweeter. But, the viewer knows that that's the one she subconsciously would like to send.

And too convincing as a screw-up! Talking to Steve when he thought he was talking to Stacy, his girl friend back home was staged and acted superbly by both. His line, "The pieces of my life are really falling into place here!" was an absolute hoot!

Having Conrad walk off screen to the right and Steve walk off screen to the left was highly symbolic: They're moving in opposite directions when the audience wants them to move toward each other. "Will they ever get together?"

And the movie director scene almost at the end, with the Amazon and the grunge rock star wannabe playing the weird smarmy music is way over the edge.

The final scene, the e-mail threat from the "Demon SUV" adds a "Taxi Driver" dollop of drama to the episode though I couldn't tell if I should be scared or laugh, as in the ":Rocky Horror Picture Show" kind of chuckle.

All in all, this episode grabbed me and held me captive right up to the end. And it piqued my interest to "Tune in two weeks from now, same time, same place" to catch the next scintillating, titillating, hyper-ventilating episode of "The Bicyclist"!!!

In case you didn't get my drift, this episode really smoked.......

and I'm not just blowing smoke ...!

Steve Hanning


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Episodes 7 - 9 are finalized and ready to shoot

We've added some new characters and new locations to The Bicyclist.

The cast met with the writers last night and went over the scenes taking a nip here and a tuck there to make the next three episodes play just right.

Welcome to the cast:
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree the rad bike mechanic.
Gregory Bourdeau as Bike Commuter Guy.

Also appearing for the first time on The Bicyclist:
Mark Eaton as Mr. Weekend Warrior
Kelly Jo Horton as Ms. Weekend Warrior.
with the Demon SUV played by Don Bellairs

Don't worry Jayme S. Hall as Conrad
and Elle Poindexter as Steve are still hanging with us.
So is her partner: Tricia Ferguson as Ariel Flores.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wet your pants
just like John Patrick as the DUI Rider


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Episode 4: Missed Connection is getting great reviews.

"Missed connections" is really connecting with people from across the web. We've been receiving some very supportive email and comments on several blogs.

We appreciate every comment - and the positive feedback we get from our viewers. Those comments and the increasing amount of viewers encourage us to make more.

NOTE: The shows will be getting longer and premiered more frequently as our sponsorship and viewing rates continue to increase. So keep clicking, add yourself to the reminder email list and send the link to you friends.


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Writing Episodes 7 -9

We're well into writing the next batch of episodes of The Bicyclist.

They look to be even more fun than the last set - while we continue to add dimension to the characters.

Meanwhile check out the new preview. Episode 4 will be online next Thursday.

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