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5/25/07 AP
Portland, OR.

Jayme S. Hall, star of internet tv's "The Bicyclist," was attacked Friday afternoon by a vicious pitbull while riding his bike during a lunch break (yes, he ACTUALLY rides his bike). The incident occurred in front of a salvage yard driveway, at the end of the dead-end street of NE 46th and Columbia Blvd., at apx. 12:40 pm, PST.

Although uninjured, Mr. Hall was still shaken by the experience. "This big set of teeth with legs just came charging out onto the public street and was nipping at my feet while I tried to turn around," he told the Associated Press. The pitbull was unable to grab ahold of any flesh, but did manage to sink his teeth into Jayme's pant leg, with enough force to pull his feet off of the pedal and untie his shoe. A man associated with the salvage yard did come out of the garage during the scuffle and casually called off the dogs (as there were two, though only one made contact with "The Bicylist" star), but did little else.

"I didn't like it at all," he said in an email interview Friday, just after the attack. "There's just no excuse for that sort of thing." A spokesperson for Mr. Hall told the press later on Friday that this incident will in no way interfere with his work on "The Bicyclist," and that he will be all ready to go for the next episodes.

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Check out today Oregonian article on web tv


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We cut this episode close to the deadline

but that's what great about producing an internet tv series. The medium is so fresh. You can shoot, edit and have it online the same day.

Episode 7: Sir Conrad and the Demon SUV

We shot the dream sequence Sunday night on dead end street in north Portland. Since there was no electricity available at the location we used an existing street light, some powerful battery lights, and car headlights to illuminate the scene. Thanks go to Jon Zeitler for some great work under less than ideal conditions.

And we edited it together - adding the velvet-gloved voice of the Demon SUV - Wednesday morning. Don Bellairs voiced the Demon SUV with just the right amount of menace.

Please welcome to the cast the Weekend Warriors - Jim People played by Mark Allen Eaton and Patty People played by Kelly Jo Horton.

They really just need to get on their bikes and ride.


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The Bicyclist viewer base is growing

The number of regular viewers of The Bicyclist continues to grow. We'd like to think it's the quality of the show itself (which is the biggest part of our success), but there's also a thing called marketing.

We continue to market ourselves on blogs, in guerilla print campaigns (posters are coming to a light pole near you) and by adding The Bicyclist to as many reputable video websites as possible.

We are always working to get featured on the main pages of video websites. Check out next Thursday.

Knowing how many viewers we have is an inexact science. Most, but not all, of the video websites supply us with figures.

We have noticed a general trend of increased viewership throughout the two-week show cycle.

The Bicyclist is also picking up new viewers - who watch all the episodes - and many add themselves to the reminder list.

We were pleasantly surprised to look at the overnights on the release of our Previews 7-9 and see our highest release day total since Episode 1.

Thanks for watching - now I’ve got to get back to writing more.


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Look what Revver said about The Bicyclist on their blog

The Bicyclist

Posted by unclealex

Monday May 14th 2007, 2:15 pm
Filed under: Revver Community

So…biking is super cool right now. Hip kids in cities around the world are spiffing up old Schwinns and Bianchis and starting bike gangs and organizing midnight rides. It’s pretty damn cool to see people braving LA’s car-choked streets on their bikes, especially when they do it in the hundreds (Midnight Ridazzz), stopping Friday night traffic on some of

LA’s busiest streets. The bike scene in LA is just one indication of a larger surge in bike communities springing up across the country

Portland, Oregon is a particularly bike savvy city, and its bike scene is the inspiration for a new web series called The Bicyclist:

[The Bicyclist is] a wind blown and rain soaked comedy series from the hipster streets of counter culture Portland, Oregon. Alternative transportation, alternative lifestyle, alternative tv.

Funny thing about this - the networks will probably pick up on the whole bike craze in about five years and do a CW show about urban bike kids, but the beauty of the internet is that somebody is already tapping into that scene and doing a show about it. So don’t wait for old media to catch on (they move so slow!) - watch more of The Bicyclist now at


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Logging the newest footage

and there's plenty of it to log. Three hours of footage for three shows - Plus there's a few more scenes to shoot. - I promise I'll storyboard more next time. ( I say that every time )

So onward and look for a "preview/making of" video for episodes 7 - 9 to be online Thursday morning.

Short and sweet.


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Episode 6: Drink and Bike is online

This is another of our new longer episodes - so it takes more time to write, shoot and edit. We think the effort has paid off with some great acting and a nicely finished story arc.

And everybody looked fabulous...ok Jayme only looked almost sober, but Elle and Trisha really did look fabulous in dresses from Foundation Garments.

And Melissa you looked fabulous. You'll be happy to know you get to wear more clothes next time.



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Conrad Miller needs friends

As you know Conrad has just moved to Portland and he needs to make friends. Steve is great, but he'd like some virtual friends on MySpace. His profile is at:

Become his friend and make suggestions for his likes/dislikes etc.

Conrad Miller The Bicyclist

The Bicyclist

This is a blog open to the public to comment on the Internet TV series "The Bicyclist"

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