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Yikes - We Didn't Send Out The Email Reminder

We were out of town - really, really out of town - so we couldn't send out the email reminder to all our subscribers when The Bicyclist Episode 9 went online.

So to make it up to you all we've cut a Preview to Episode 10: The Prize. The episode is an all action, all romance extravanza.

The Preview will be online this Thursday.

And for those of you who don't read the blog - we'll send you a reminder - really we will. But, you aren't reading this anyway - so I'll stop typing.


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Episode 11 was a blast to shoot

guerilla style on the streets of Portland.

I'm sworn to secrecy on the storyline, but the actors were in high form and so we're a lot of the pedestrians near the N. Going Street Pedestrian Bridge.

We welcomed back to the set: Jacob Coleman as Five Finger Discount and Mark Olsen as Picka Lock. They shamelessly chewed up the scenery and kept everyone laughing.

Melissa Goad as Lissa Valentine looked pretty in pink and Elle Poindexter anchored the episode with some perfect comic timing.

By the way in this episode all the characters and incidents are fictitious. Any relationship to real persons or incidents is coincidental. A little coincidental.


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Get On Your Bike And Ride

The Bicyclist 8 is online.

Get ready for a great ride. We shot around Portland, in the Columbia Gorge and at the Recyclery. It makes for an expansive feel and gives our characters room to breathe.

This episode adds Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree and Gregory Bourdeau as the Bike Commuter.

We had fun writing, shooting and watching this episode really come together.


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Sex, Violence and the Big Heat

The Bicyclist 10: "Finders, Keepers" is in the can. The episode, shot on location in Boring, Oregon was the most physically demanding yet for both the cast and crew. The whole team struggled through an 86 degree day with a merciless sun filled sky. The sun beat down on us but could not knock us out even though many suffered from a sleepless night, hangovers, allergies, the flu and near heat exhaustion.

Jayme S. Hall and Paul Glazier wore full body armor and did their hard fought stunts take after take after take. They punched, flew and crashed into the episode without breaking a sweat. Ok, they were really sweaty.

The make up stayed on and looked great even in full sun. Thanks, Rose.

Jon Zietler's contraption made to screen, bounce and reflect light from all angles did the trick and never sailed away. The contraption, for which we have no name, helped make the images crystal clear and evenly light.

The BBQ rounded out the fun and Flavor Ice Pops finished it.

All the actors to give on point and believable performances under extreme conditons - but that's the mark of pros. Kudos to them all. I look forward to editing my new favorite episode - oh wait I'd better edit The Bicyclist 8: by Thursday so you can meet Paul Glazier's character: Zack Dupree.

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