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New, Improved Bicyclist Website

by Sharon Jameson

Sharon has taken The Bicyclist site and revamped its look and feel. The result: The site is cleaner and easier to navigate. She wanted the majority of the site to land on your screen, while keeping the episodes easy to find.

And she did the redesign in between scheduling shoots, blogging, gathering props and wardrobe. And whatever else a producer does - like uploading episodes, tracking the audience numbers, watching the budget and fine tuning the edits.

Not bad Sharon.

I'll get to the writing soon - really I will.


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Thanks to All our Loyal Fans

for watching The Bicyclist.

We watch you watching us by watching the numbers registered on all the sites from which The Bicyclist is served.

The numbers show a strong weekly following and a weekly increase in viewers. This reaction keeps us making more of The Bicyclist - that and the fact it's a fun and challenging project.

So please keep watching, pass links and share The Bicyclist with as many of your friends as possible.

We're looking for a tipping point in The Bicyclist viewership numbers. A tipping point? You know what a tipping point is right? When a cow tips over in a field and no one is there to hear it fall does it happen?

Pass it on and thanks for watching.


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It's Hard To Keep Up

with such good actors.

Performances like those of Jayme S. Hall and Elle Poindexter from

The Bicyclist 13: Take A Lunch
and The Bicyclist 13+: A Big Mistake

come across as honest, real and true to the scene.
(I can't reveal the details, because that would just spoil everything.)

Since they keep raising the bar, I need to keep up. So between shoots this summer I'm studying the art of directing actors. (About time.)

Yeah, I know.


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Episode 12: Lock Your Bike

is on the pad and ready to launch.

The episode was fun to edit and even though I've watched it about fifty times - I still laugh. Must be something in the water...or in the performances that took risks.

Conrad Miller (Jayme Hall) buddies up to the rascally Zack Dupree (Paul Glazier). Steve Jones (Elle Poindexter) cuts it up with the pretty in pink Lissa Valentine (Melissa Goad).

With a title like "Lock Your Bike" you know that Picka Lock (Mark Olsen) and Five Finger Discount (Jacob Coleman) will appear and knock your socks off - and take your wallet.

By the way in this episode all the characters and incidents are fictitious. Any relationship to real persons or incidents is coincidental. A little coincidental.


NEXT EPISODE: Thursday August 2, 2007
The Bicyclist Episode 12+: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya


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Shoot, shoot, shoot

We've been shooting new episodes, adding new characters and pumping up the volume on The Bicyclist while the sun shines...or it rains here in Portland.

We've welcomed the multitalented Pat Janowski to the cast as Lady Thunderbird. Stay out of her way and everything will be cool.

The Weekend Warriors: Kelly Jo Horton as Patty People and Mark A. Eaton as Jim People will be back on your screen soon and Dewey the DUII Rider will show up at the most unexpected times.

Keep watching every Thursday for new episodes.


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Don't forget to watch The Bicyclist 11: Losers, Weepers

before you watch the first inter-episode The Bicyclist 11a: Making The Connection.

And tell you friends to watch too. The more viewers the better.

To share episodes or to watch on high res quicktime go to

The next full episode: The Bicyclist 12: Lock Your Bike arrives on your computer screen July 26, 2007.


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Finding The Moment

Editing isn’t always about taking things out, more often it’s about finding the moment to keep in: the nuanced glance, the smile, the movement that adds just the right touch to the scene.

We just spent the day editing The Bicyclist 10+: Making The Connection and its chuck full of magic moments with Jayme Hall as Conrad Miller and Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones.

This is our first take at inter-episode. (I just made that word up) Inter-episodes are one-scene episodes that further develop the characters based on the plot of the previous episode.

Our episodes are already snack-sized, so think of an inter-episode as bite-sized entertainment. You love bite-sized candy on Halloween, so we figure you’ll bite-sized episodes every other week too…and very tasty ones at that.

The Bicyclist 10+: Making The Connection
goes online Thursday July 19, 2007.


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Thanks to the Recyclery

for letting us shoot at their bike shop during their busiest time of year.

We shot all day Sunday, all over the shop, inside and out, to crank out scenes for the next four episodes of The Bicyclist.

The place looks great on video - I just watched all of it - and so do the actors. Jayme Hall bulked up and buff for his naked bike ride scene. Elle Poindexter, as the confused and caught up in a crush Steve, sported designer outfits and perfectly coiffed hair. Paul Glazier, as Zack Dupree, looked the tough guy part with his biceps tearing through his tees. Jose Ortega, as the spurned by love Jose Reyes, carried off a neon colored butterfly t-shirt with a certain savoir-faire.

Dan Kaufman of made a cameo appearance as himself. What could better than that?

Thanks to Christina Drop for excellent make-up.

Oh, don’t get me started on how great the acting was…


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Melissa Goad Stars in Independent Feature

Melissa Goad, plays Lissa Valentine on The Bicyclist, stars in an independent feature produced by Inspireworks entitled:

"Shaniko" directed by Philip Roebuck, starring

Phillip Roebuck
Melissa Goad
Rodney Bowman
Caroline Walkup
Dennis Rolly
and Ruby Lee Roebuck

When their estranged father dies the truth is set free for a brother and sister. Can they believe it? They must go to Shaniko to find out.

Cinematography by yours truly, Carl Jameson.

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Jayme Hall Stars in Two Features

Jayme Hall, in addition to working on The Bicyclist as Conrad Miller, is starring in two independent feature films:

In Production:

"Simple Connections" - Directed by Glen Hines. Tony, (Jayme Hall) after a series of unfortunate and complicated first dates, finally connects with Jaime (Natalie Williams) in the unlikliest of places.

"The Iconographer" - Directed by Andy Mingo. After both suffer career set backs, two estranged brothers find themselves in a love triangle. Constantly looked up to as a hero, Stone Lewis struggles to save the one person he truly loves; his brother, Derick Lewis (Jayme Hall).

Good luck on both films. We look forward to their premieres.

We've ordered you own trailer with a star on the door, just like you demanded. The one with the 42in HDTV and the wet bar. The hot tub is on back order.


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Rehearsals Were Electrifying

It could have been the lighting storm and the humid summer night, but when the cast of The Bicyclist went into rehearsal for episodes 12/13/14 last night they really light up the house.

The scenes played well and the script got tightened up in preparation for this weekend's shoot. We look forward to shooting some great scenes that propel the story and the characters into some very unexpected places.


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Episode 11: Losers, Weepers

The jousting on and off the field continues.

Episode 11 will be online this Thursday morning. Yes a week early - so you can keep up with all the action.

The Bicyclist will continue to go online weekly. Full episodes every other week. Playing opposite the main episodes will be shorter ones that keep the story moving along...

You'll get it when you see it.


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Episode 10: The Prize

is ready to go online on July 5, 2007.

This episode finds our hero Conrad in a bike jousting match with the evil Zack Dupree. Who wins? Who loses? Who cries like a baby?

Watch and see.

PROGRAMMING NOTE: This episode was so good we decided to edit it into two episodes, but instead of making you wait for two weeks you only have to wait one. Episode 11: "Losers, Weepers" will go online July 12, 2007.

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