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My Favorite Type of Post

The numbers are up again - this time nearly double their normal day rate for the week - and it looks like a continuing trend.

The MySpace pages, the blogging, and yes handing out those business cards at The Rhinoceros in Missoula, Montana helped.

Good work and good news.


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The Bicyclist Schedule

The Bicyclist will be back next week and the week after that and the week after that ...

The Bicyclist PREVIEW
September 27, 2007

The Bicyclist 16: Sweet Ride
October 4, 2007

The Bicyclist 17: Rest Stop
October 11, 2007

The Bicyclist 18: What No Fries?
October 18, 2007

The Bicyclist 19: On The Rocks
October 25, 2007

The Bicyclist 20: Capture The Flag
November 1, 2007

The Bicyclist 21: The Long March
November 8, 2007

The Bicyclist 22: To The Rescue
November 15, 2007

Don't worry we'll make more.


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New Overnight Viewers Record

The Bicyclist 14: The Bike Makes The Man just pulled the best overnight numbers since the premiere.

We see solid steady growth in viewer numbers since going weekly. Thank you everyone for your continued support.

And thank you to our cast for their efforts on their MySpace pages. This task goes above and beyond the call of duty and can only help increase awareness of The Bicyclist.

Links to the cast's MySpace pages can be found on the Cast page.

These exercises will translate directly to the screen and can add more depth to your performances -which will also help add more depth to my writing.

Rapid City S.D.


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The Bicyclist 14: The Bike Makes The Man

(Livingston, Montana)

Getting the right bike is a tricky proposition for Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) because Conrad's got a tricky personality for Zack (Paul Glazier). The comic timing in their scenes is on the mark and pushes the story forward.

The Weekend Warriors return - (Kelly Jo Horton and Mark Allen Eaton) - then promptly exit - in a scene that will send your head spinning faster. The Lady Dive Bombers aim high, then below the belt with Lady Thunderbird (Pat Janowski) offering a ride.

Then poor old Jose (Jose Ortega) goes for a job interview - bummer dude - with the sympathetic Steve (Elle Poindexter) offering her laugh-ridden condolences. Jose’s character is getting further fleshed out - which leaves us wanting more.

That happens in The Bicyclist 14+: Missing In Action.

Good luck and good viewing.


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Fear Of Death Is A Great Motivator

Sandpoint, Idaho

Rode my bike north on Highway 95 from Bayview (Around a 30 mile ride) - and swear I felt Death breathing down my neck with each passing SUV. I rode much faster than normal for a supposedly easy ride.

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride has finally wrapped shooting. The episode - considering its lack of wardrobe - should have been a quick one - but with schedules/locations and whatnot it took a bit longer to complete.

The extra time taken was well used and shows up on screen with a nice performance by Lucy Paschall as Nicole Summers - an Australian friend of Steve.

Following the first kiss comes the first argument between Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) and Steve (Elle Poindexter). Was that predictable or what? Nicely acted, with a light touch by both Jayme and Elle. There’s plenty more to come between those two.

More B&B (Bikes and Beer) to come. Time to get on my bike and ride to Laughing Dog Brewery.


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The Bicyclist Goes Online And Makes New Friends

The line between fact and fiction is blurry on the internet - especially on sites like MySpace, Friendster, FaceBook. We at The Bicyclist like reality a little messy about the edges and it seems so does nearly everyone I think I know therefore they are.

So, we've created MySpace sites for three of our characters:




These pages offer back-story on the characters and "storylines" not seen in the episodes. Plus, it's a great way for the actors to get to know to create depth in their characters.

There are real people behind the MySpace pages: Elle Poindexter created Steve’s site and Melissa Goad created Lissa Valentine’s page. They did a great job translating their characters from the screen to the world of buttons, graphics, histories and comments that is the world of MySpace.

Have fun learning more about all your little bike buddies online. The links to their pages are permanently on the cast page.


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Lucky 13 Brings In Big Numbers

The Bicyclist had more new viewers this week than any other - including the premiere week.

The Bicyclist 13: "Take A Lunch" had the highest amount of viewers for it's first week online for any episode. We were featured on - that made the numbers go up. Sharon has been blogging here and there about The Bicyclist - that made the numbers go up. And I believe the quality of the episodes made the numbers go up.

The newest episode: The Bicyclist 13+: "A Big Mistake" premieres Thursday August 16, 2007. It's a short episode, but all performed in one long take. Conrad (Jayme Hall) and Steve (Elle Poindexter), shot at sunset on the Vera Katz Eastbank Esplanade, will draw you in with their authentic interplay.

Please watch and share with your friends.


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You Look Fabulous !

We got to shoot scenes from Episode 18 and 19 this past weekend.

The still above shows Steve (Elle Poindexter) and Lissa (Melissa Rae-Goad) drinking margaritas in the golden hour - just at sunset - and they look fabulous.

The wardrobe by Sharon Jameson, the hair and make up by Rose Barclay and the sunset collaborated into creating some wonderful images - of course the natural beauty of the actresses was the foundation for the shot.


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Allow Me To Welcome

Ian Bennett to The Bicyclist.

Ian has chosen to join The Bicyclist team as a writer - which is just in the nick of time as we are shooting scenes from his just completed episodes soon...ok tomorrow.

Ian is the main writer on The Bicyclist Episodes 16/17/18. His writing adds depth, grace and style to The Bicyclist - not to mention fists, bike wrecks, and all out angst.

Thanks for joining the team.


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The Bicyclist 13: Take A Lunch

will be ready for viewing Thursday August 9, 2007.

Introducing The Lady Dive Bombers led by Pat Janowski (as Lady Thunderbird). Pedestrians keep to the sidewalk and pay attention when you cross the street - or they may just cross you.

Paul Glazier (as Zack Dupree) and Jose Ortega (as Jose Reyes) mix it up the back of the shop in a well-rendered scene. Jayme S. Hall (as Conrad Miller) with Elle Poindexter (as Steve Jones) deftly establish a natural rapport between their characters.

The process of creating The Bicyclist is constantly surprising to me as the writer, director and uncredited editor. I get to make this stuff up in my head, then guide it - with a lot of help - to the screen. And when it's finally done, like this episode is, (after watching it over and over) I feel honored.

I feel very lucky to work with a team of actors who can take the raw stuff of the script and make it into living, breathing people right before my eyes.

It's kind of cool.

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Sex, Drugs, Vintage Toasters & Weird Little Spacemen

Paul Glazier (Zack, in The Bicyclist) is appearing in

THIS IS OUR YOUTH by Kenneth Lonergan
directed by Drammy Award Winning Kristan Seemel.

In 1982, on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the wealthy, articulate, pot-smoking teenagers who were small children in the '60s have emerged as young adults in a country that has just resoundingly rejected everything they were brought up to believe in. The very last wave of New York City's '60s-style Liberalism has come of age--and there's nowhere left to go.

In meticulous, hilarious, and agonizing detail, THIS IS OUR YOUTH follows forty-eight hours of three very lost young souls in the big city at the dawn of the Reagan Era: Warren Straub, a dejected kid who steals fifteen-thousand dollars from his abusive lingerie-tycoon father; Dennis Ziegler, the charismatic, domineering, drug-dealing friend who helps him put the money to good use; and Jessica Goldman, the anxiously insightful young woman Warren yearns for.

Funny, painful, and compassionate, Kenneth Lonergan's THIS IS OUR YOUTH is a living snapshot of the moment between adolescence and adulthood when many young people first go out into the world on their own, armed only with the ideas and techniques far more sophisticated than their parents ever realize, and far less effectual than they themselves can possibly imagine.

The cast:
Steve Brian as Warren
Paul Glazier as Dennis
Courtney Freed as Jessica

The show will take place at:
The Shoebox Theater
2110 SE Tenth Avenue Portland, OR 97214

Thursday, August 9th - Sunday, August 12th (August 9th: SOLD OUT)
& Wednesday, August 15th - Saturday, August 18th
8:00 pm curtain.

Tickets are on a $10 - $15 sliding scale and there are only 23 seats for each performance.

To make a reservation, you can call: 503.720.2529 or e-mail: [email protected]

Click the link below to view the poster for the show:

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Australia, Australia, Australia We Love You. Amen.

We love emailing and hearing from viewers all around the world. (The Bicyclist is on the world wide web after all.)

And we seem to have lots of fans from Australia. They've got a lot of cyclists there and some great big bike organizations and supporters.

Thanks for watching.

Make a comment and let us know where you hail from.


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They Like Us, They Really like Us

Revver ( one of the main sites that serves/distributes The Bicyclist on the web has again named The Bicyclist as an "Editor's Pick".

An Editor's Pick is displayed on Revver's main page for several days. This placement helps The Bicyclist gain more exposure to a wider audience - and more viewers.

We thank Revver for their support and outstanding service. (Ok, I'm not so sure about the NC-17 rating on The Bicyclist 12+: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya. - but whatever dude. That was harsh.)



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The Bicyclist 12+: Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

Five Finger Discount (Jacob Coleman)and Picka Lock (Mark Olsen) must console themselves with a whole lot of nothing.

The episode is great and spontaneous. Watch starting Thursday August 2, 2007

The Bicyclist

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