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The Last Shoot For The Season ...

is tomorrow and the rain is looming. The rain is appropriate as The Demon SUV, played by Don Bellairs, will finally be revealed. Even, we at The Bicyclist have no idea what he looks like.

There's fighting. There’s romance. There's blood for oil. This and more happens in the non-stop all action, all drama, and all comedy finale episodes of The Bicyclist. Whoa, I can't breathe just thinking about it.

Thanks for hanging on everyone - there's more fun to come.

Hey, also check some new videos on the Bounty Oregon blog:


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Elle Poindexter Stars in Feature Film: "Recovery"

Congrats to Elle Poindexter, Rose Barclay and Christina Drop for completing work on "Recovery" a full length film from Playground Films.

Good luck on the festival circuit and nice work all.

Watch a high res version of the trailer at:


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The Autumn Equinox And Wrapping Up The Bicyclist

Soon, the golden light of autumn will turn to five months of mostly gray skies around Portland. The Bicyclist is playing the game of beat the clock and trying to get in a couple of more location shoots before we wrap for the winter season.

I’m very happy with what the cast and crew have accomplished in the last several months and look forward to shooting more episodes. In fact I’m a little undone by not having more time to shoot - I’m kinda getting hooked on this whole process - apparently though there is life outside my studio.

There are five more complete scripts sitting on my desk and ready to go right now. They scripts will spin The Bicyclist in new directions that aim to be surprising and authentic at the same time. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll age like a fine wine.


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The Internet Renews The Bicyclist For Second Season

The Bicyclist has been renewed by the internet for a package deal of 12 episodes and an option for two “bonus” episodes between Season One and Two - weather dependent. (Not every day is a good day for a location shoot.)

During the cold winter months The Bicyclist will get a tune up and train inside the garage while listening to "self-improvement" tapes. What is our ten-second elevator blurb again?

The first episode of the new season will go online March 6, 2008.

That's if the cast wants to make more.


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Do You Have A Banana Seat In Your Pocket

or are you just happy to see me?

The Bicyclist 15+: Packing Heat finishes episode 15 with a twist.

The former mayor of Portland, Vera Katz, stars as a bronze statue. Also along for the ride is Conrad (Jayme S. Hall), Steve (Elle Poindexter), Lissa (Melissa Goad) and Nicole (Lucy Paschall). Yes, that's Jayme is all his buffness.

Conrad falls right into Steve's trap or does Steve fall right into Conrad's trap - either way Lissa is an innocent victim.

Airs: September 20, 2007


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This Funny Business Is Hard Work

“Actors, producers, and directors work under constant pressure… to deliver flawless performances, often while working under undesirable and unpleasant conditions… typically working long, irregular hours.”

U.S. Department of Labor - Bureau of Labor Statistics

The government got something right. We continued our road trip to Sauvie Island Saturday and nearly finished our shoot before the lights went out - ok the sun went down. The locations were spot on; the performances were some of the best so far in the series, and the footage looks fabulous man.

There is not a bad shot in the bunch - in fact the coldest, windiest, most rushed scene right there at the end just get back to one where does the camera go make up take off the blankets where is the microphone is this scene covered make up get in the car - car - car what’s with the wind hit that mark dip what mark dip that mark dip make up another frigging truck are you kidding me is beautiful in every way man. Got any more Red Bull?

It was one productive hallucination man.


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There’s Spots On My Internets

Here’s some new tv spots you’ll want to see:

The first is a Les Schwab regional commercial with Elle Poindexter
and the Demon SUV in a parking lot duel:

Ok, maybe that wasn’t the Demon SUV, but Elle stopped just in time.

And an Oregon Bounty website
spot for a series of videos highlighting Oregon attractions around the state.

The Oregon Bounty video was shot by me, Carl Jameson


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Naked Really Naked

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride is ready to hit the streets in all its glory.

Conrad (Jayme S. Hall), Steve (Elle Poindexter) and Zack (Paul Glazier) continue playing the triangle game. I tried to sketch it out on paper, but my head started to hurt with the emotional geometry of it all.

(See obtuse triangle: )

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride is one of my favorite episodes. The episode is solid from all angles and the performances feel balanced in a very human way.

Online: Thursday September 13, 2007


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I Love Hanging Out Car Windows

The wind in my hair, the bugs in my teeth, and the camera clenched in my hand is guerilla-style filmmaking at its most exciting. The oncoming traffic and potential for vehicular disaster purifies the experience for me. I’m not sure what Jayme S. Hall (plays Conrad) and Paul Glazier (plays Zack) think about it, but they look good as they take to the road for our newest episodes.

Meanwhile back at the editing suite:

The Bicyclist 15: Naked Bike Ride is getting its final touches. Jayme S Hall, Elle Poindexter, and Paul Glazier have packed the episode with solid performances. Their work makes editing a pleasure.

Back to work - it's Monday again.


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Very Groovy Captain America

We at The Bicyclist couldn’t help but notice that bike riders and motorcyclists have a lot in common like love of the open road, freedom, sex and drugs. So, we decided to create our own little homage to Easy Rider in our next episodes.

Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) plays Wyatt (Peter Fonda)...Zack with little character alteration plays Billy (Dennis Hopper), and Jose (Jose Ortega) plays the George Hanson character (Jack Nicholson). Notice how I subtly connected your names with big stars. Google yourself now man and see what comes up.

It’ll be cool dude.

Captain America:
“Dude means nice guy. Dude means a regular sort of person.”


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The Bicyclist Episode 14+: Missing In Action

This episode was shot in less than ideal conditions: what with construction, bus and auto traffic, and terminally cloudy Portland weather.

We had our first “dog bites the girl leaving the coffee shop in the background” incident. No we can't show that you that take - it's been sealed and marked into evidence as part of the court proceedings. We had enough trouble getting this part of the tape back.

So, enjoy the latest installment of The Bicyclist with Steve (Elle Poindexter) and Jose (Jose Ortega) trying to act all casual about Lissa. Steve can't lie worth beans and Jose may just have to make straight videos.

The episode goes online Thursday September 6, 2007.


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You’re No Ingmar Bergman

“I…build on my own experience, on that of others - on everything I have heard and seen…The day Ingmar gives me the manuscript he also gives me the right to feel henceforward I understand the part best. She becomes my reality as much as she is Ingmar’s” - Liv Ullman

The scripts for the rest of season 1 of The Bicyclist are nearing completion. They push The Bicyclist into new emotional territory, which I hope the audience and the actors will find satisfying and challenging.

The upward spiral of improvement and expansion in storyline, acting and production values of The Bicyclist encourages me to take bigger risks with the program. And I can't wait to hand off the manuscripts to the cast.

Stay tuned.

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