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Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

The Bicyclist 20 is a fast-paced rock 'em sock 'em episode that has just the right mix of fear, hatred, angst, heroism, camp and alcohol driven insecurity.

Conrad thrusts with his big stick.

If you've been waiting for a long time to see the real Demon SUV in action this is your episode. If you've been waiting a long time to see if Conrad has a spine this is your episode. If not, there's always another pitcher of margaritas for Steve and Lissa finish off.

The Bicyclist 20: "Capture The Flag" stars

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

online November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday! Elle and Jayme


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How Much Of The Script Makes It To The Screen ?

"A screenwriter is not really a writer; his words do not appear on the screen. What he does is to draft out blueprints that are executed by a team."

- Paul Schrader, writer of "Taxi Driver", co-writer of "Raging Bull"

Writing team: Carl Jameson and Ian Bennett

The script, in the case of The Bicyclist 19: "Out In The Country", was shot according to a heavily rewritten script, modified through acting rehearsals and redirected on the set. If that wasn't enough the editor got a hold of the script and chopped a whole new episode.

The house we thought we were building still had all the bedrooms and bathrooms, but in different places with unexpected views. The yurt scene with Conrad, Zack and Jose was scripted to be longer - with more character exposition and closes. The scene between Steve and Lissa was originally a one long shot episode, but when cut as a counterpoint to the action in the country became even stronger.

There's always some fine tuning of the script with editing, but in this case we tore down some walls. Luckily, none of them were load bearing.

The Bicyclist 19: "Out In The Country" stars

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

Online October 25, 2007


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Who Lit A Fire Under Your Ass?

So here we were at The Bicyclist just plugging along like a normal Monday morning when somewhere around 10am our numbers started to spike. (We know when our numbers spike because a siren goes off in the office.) The day ended with the highest viewer numbers on record for a single day.

Most viewers watched The Bicyclist episodes 17 and 18 with only a few watching the complete series. The blog was hopping too - so we know it wasn’t a recalculation of old viewers stats or some other disturbance in the force on our server’s part.

We don’t know what happened, but we’re happy the viewer numbers are up again and continue to rise on a weekly basis.

Thanks all.


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The Need For Speed

I gave myself less time to edit The Bicyclist 18: “What No Fries?” than most episodes. Why? Because I needed more stress in my life. Wait, that's not it. When you have less time to edit, you're forced into decisiveness.

Do I want to use this shot or that shot? That shot. Move on. Repeat 3 more times in rapid succession. How to fix that audio? Pull it from there. Move on. Repeat. Color correction. That looks pretty. Move on. Lather, rinse and repeat. And it's online just in time. Less editing time may just make my ambivalence go away faster.

I have no ambivalent feelings about the quality of the writing, acting and execution of this week’s episode: it rocks. High Five. Cheers!

The Bicyclist 18: What No Fries? stars

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

Thanks to Jon Zeitler for his help on crew.

Online October 18, 2007


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The Edit Room Where The Sun Always Shines

The Bicyclist was finished shooting before the rainy season began in Portland, so editing can make it feel like summertime. Some scenes for the next episode were shot in August and I’ve been patiently waiting to get to edit the scenes. Cause they look fabulous:

This past week was a good week for The Bicyclist: we were an "Editor's Pick" on (our main server) and our numbers went up for The Bicyclist overall. And if you've read previous blogs - you know bloggers have been passing our name around.

Our MySpace pages continue to attract viewers and the hits there are rising - along with some new friends. (Conrad didn't know there were so many hot nude chicks on MySpace just wanting to be his friend.)

If we can keep this up one day we may be a contender...back to the editing system where it's always a nice day for a ride.


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Gwadzilla! Gwadzilla! Gwadzilla!

Melissa Rae-Goad has been busy writing bike bloggers about The Bicyclist. And here's one result a nice write up by Gwazilla.

And another reaction here:

Thanks for watching and reviewing The Bicyclist.

We appreciate your spreading the word - and the results you generate: the numbers for October 11, 2007 total show viewers overall were the highest we've seen at The Bicyclist yet.

and thanks Melissa.


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On The Road With The Bicyclist

A big belch goes out to some nice riding and naturalistic acting in The Bicyclist 17: Rest Stop. Conrad (Jayme S. Hall) and Zack (Paul Glazier) take a break from cruising on their bikes to bond over chicken, jojos and cola.

The episode was shot on-location on the Broadway Bridge in downtown Portland and at Cathedral Park under the St. John's Bridge in North Portland. The main scene: a single hand-held long shot of Conrad and Zack eating lunch with a friendly bee was meant to feel a bit raw and unforced.

Hopefully you agree.

The Bicyclist 17: Rest Stop goes online October 11, 2007.


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Dear Creators of "The Bicyclist"

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller and Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
from The Bicyclist Episode 1: Welcome To Portland

To: [email protected]
From: "Freewheel"
cc: [email protected]
Subject: Demon SUV

Dear creators of "The Bicyclist":

I have been enjoying episodes of "The Bicyclist" via the Rocky Hillside blog.

I am concerned that your villain, the Demon SUV, is not evil enough. For one thing, the SUV should be shown speeding, tailgating, violating yields, running red lights, and veering all over the road while the driver chats on a cellphone. Moreover, the Demon SUV must sport a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker as well as a pro-life and/or pro-war sticker.

Thank you for considering my perspective, and thank you for this wonderful series.




To: Freewheel
From: Carl Jameson
Subject: Re: Demon SUV

Thanks for the input - his behavior does get worse as time goes on - and we will reveal the driver soon.

Carl Jameson


To: Carl Jameson
From: "Freewheel"
cc: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Demon SUV

I look forward to the episode where the SUV driver is revealed. I picture him as pale and chubby, but well dressed. Kind of like Karl Rove.

Thanks again!



To: Freewheel
From: Carl Jameson
Subject: Re: Demon SUV

Your wait will soon be over.


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What Other Blogs Are Saying About The Bicyclist


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The Bicyclist 16: Sweet Ride

will hit the information highway Thursday October 4, 2007.

We’ve been working on the upcoming episodes a long time and it’s great to have them finally going online this week.

The performances by all the cast are very pleasing to watch - and a thank you is due all of them for their constant efforts to improve The Bicyclist.

Their suggestions, improvisation and motivation have a tangible effect on improving the script and adding dimension to the story. We must be doing something right because our viewership numbers are way hot.

So enjoy this episode and look out for us weekly till we’re done.


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The Camera Still Smells Like Smoke

The weather forecast predicted cold and rainy conditions Saturday, but we forged ahead and wrapped shooting for this season of The Bicyclist. Heck, we’ve shot under worse conditions.

Check out episode 1. Now that was cold and rainy - it was 39 degrees inside The Recyclery. Episode 10 was shot under the opposite conditions: hot, hot , hot. It was 93 degrees in glaring sunlight. These last episodes added the coldest night scenes and the smokiest fire we've ever seen.

We didn’t get any calls from local hospitals so Jayme S. Hall (Mr. Sniffles), Paul Glazier (Mr. I Hate Wearing Shorts), and Jose Ortega (Mr. Nice Tux) made it though the battle that is on location production. Don Bellairs (The Demon SUV) was there, but he’s the bad guy - so it’s ok if he got cold.

Now, it’s time to hit the editing room and see if we got it all.

The Bicyclist

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