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The Bicyclist Took Off Like A Rocket

Mark Olsen as Picka Lock and Jacob Coleman as Five Finger Discount are lost in space along with the producers of The Bicyclist.

We had our biggest viewership numbers for The Bicyclist by far on Friday. That is great news, but we want to repeat and increase our viewership consistently. How do we plan on doing that? I can tell you right now that I wish creating; producing and marketing The Bicyclist were rocket science.

Unfortunately, if it were rocket science I’d need to be a rocket scientist (if you've met me you know that is decidedly not the case) but, I bet if I studied real hard and got through Rocket Science 101 with the help of a tutor at least I'd know that the definition of the scientific method includes the collection of data through observation and experimentation, and the formulation and testing of hypotheses.

Go to (You'll see how I neatly cribbed, but rewrote the last sentence from the article. This is a very effective undergrad writing technique.)

I've tried all that stuff with The Bicyclist and can't figure out why on Friday our viewer numbers went into orbit. I'm out here with my hypothesis down.

We've been blogging, sending out press releases, tweaking the storylines with action, with romance, with slow-mo and counter-culture hotties, in addition to being featured on sites, being the Editor's Pick several weeks in a row on and appearing all over MySpace.

I guess (hypothesize) it could be one or all of things. Yeah, that's it.

Congrats all and thanks for everyone’s efforts.


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The End Of The Beginning

The goal of making 24 episodes in season one of The Bicyclist was pretty easy to guarantee when we started, but became a life encompassing effort about halfway through. (We made around 24 “full” episodes depending on how you count.) The enthusiasm and efforts of the writers, cast and crew kept us going and pushed The Bicyclist across the finish line in style.

The Bicyclist 22: “To The Rescue” nicely wraps up season one of The Bicyclist with authentic performances from the entire cast that add depth to their characters and leaves room for more growth next season.

Read this blog for description of the production:

The Bicyclist 22: "To The Rescue" stars:

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes

online November 15, 2007

Thanks to all our viewers, supporters, cast and crew for making The Bicyclist a continued success. We’ll be back real soon.

If you can’t wait for next season come on down to AudioCinema tonight.


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What A Long Strange Trip Its Been

This week's episode The Bicyclist 22: "To The Rescue" will mark the end of season one of The Bicyclist. Together, we've watched all the characters change and grow from when Conrad first arrived in Portland right up till the last frame of this episode.

I have a few favorite episodes and I'm sure you do too, but where do we go from here? I have a lot of ideas and fragments of ideas, but I’d like to put the question to the viewers/readers of this blog. Please send in your ideas for new stories, characters or situations you’d like to see in upcoming episodes of The Bicyclist.

You can either comment from this blog where it can be discussed publicly - or email us at [email protected].

We'll have an expert panel of judges drink beer and talk about them. The ideas that we remember the next day win their name in the credits and we'll mail you a Bicyclist t-shirt.


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The Bicyclist Is All About DIY

The editing on The Bicyclist 21: “The Long March” was going along nicely, if a little belatedly, when we got an email from Jeff Potter. Jeff has put up a blurb about The Bicyclist on his blog at:

It's great to get a write up like this - it helps to gain a wider audience and it motivates me to keep on riding the show called The Bicyclist. That and the fact that no matter what scene I'm editing today I keep discovering moments in each of the actor’s performances that really make the story come alive. I’m sure I could go on, but I need to finish this episode up. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy watching The Bicyclist 21 as much as I have had creating it.

The Bicyclist 21: "The Long March" stars:

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Rae-Goad as Lissa Valentine
Jose Ortega as Jose Reyes
Don Bellairs as The Demon SUV

online November 8, 2007


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A Perfect Gift For The Holidays

The Bicyclist is offering t-shirts for sale in our own very low-key way. There's a link on the main page on the bottom right of the screen. A modest shirt at the modest price of fifteen bucks, plus shipping.

We plan on adding more merch later, but for now Sharon wants to be cool about it. So just click on the link and order your shirt though PayPal, but don't make big deal out of it. It's all good man.

Get'em while they're hot or whatever.


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Why Can't We Be Friends?

"When we seek to discover the best in others,
we somehow bring out the best in ourselves."

-Arthur Ward

Craftmaster Independent, the production company that makes The Bicyclist, now has its own MySpace page. Why? So we can make more friends and to highlight some of the other work that we do. Plus a regular website just sits there with no interaction, no bulletins, no comments, no silly pictures and no friends.

We had to face it here at Craftmaster Independent: No man is an island and we can't live off The Bicyclist alone. And don't tell anyone, but we plan on producing some short films and other videos over the next year and we need some help.

Please check out the page at
and become our friend in the cyber world.

The Bicyclist

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