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"Spare Parts", A New Web Series From Craftmaster Independent

Cassie Skauge interviews Elle Poindexter on the set of The Bicyclist.

"Spare Parts" is an eclectic web series hosted by Cassie Skauge that takes The Bicyclist viewers behind the scenes of the show, features actor interviews and will also profile the Portland bike community.

The series will feature new shows every couple of weeks opposite episodes of The Bicyclist. We're figuring it out as we go along - so look for the show to change and grow in unexpected ways. Spare Parts is shot and directed by Brian Mazzola and produced by Carl Jameson.

Spare Parts will play on the "Extras" page of the new Bicyclist website. The website is set to launch this Friday May 30, 2008. The Bicyclist website will be fun and give viewers a reason to return between episodes. It will be stuffed with content: actor profiles, photos, a press kit, articles on biking and even the show.

I leave you with this link to the "no drive, just ride" blog where The Bicyclist is quoted. Thanks to Jayme for the ad-lib.

We must be doing something right.


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The Bicyclist Is Getting Ready For Big Things

Some people have questioned whether Bicyclist is just a made up show, of course it is, but as you can see from these secret plans outlining the rest of the season we make it up in advance. Look close enough and you can read spoilers.

The Bicyclist 28: "American Pastoral" is mostly in the can with just a few scenes to shoot with our special guests: The Belligerante's - a Schwinn only bike "gang" with territory in all five quadrants of Portland.

Check them out on myspace at:

We're pleased to announce that Erin McGarry will appear as "The Cager" (Tina Louise), a harried real estate broker with too little time and too much to do: like pay attention to the road. (Paul Glazier as Zack helps her out with that.)

Is there more? Yes there is, but that would be telling...


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The Bicyclist Is Now Available On iTunes

It's been on our list of "to-do's" for a long time and at long last it's finally happened. The Bicyclist is now whateverable from iTunes:

Thanks to Dan Kaufman of for walking us through the process.


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The Bicyclist Blogs About The Blogs Blogging The Bicyclist

From Sydney, Australia and the Sydney Body Art Ride:

From Jacksonville, Florida and Bike Jax:

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Two Wheeled Commute:

Thanks for your comments and for supporting The Bicyclist and bicycling worldwide.

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