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Train Master at the Hollywood Theatre

Don Bellairs (plays the Demon SUV) likes kids?

Come see Don's latest work, the Train Master at the Hollywood Theatre beginning June 27th and runs through July 3rd with 18 show times. Bring your family - the kids will love it.

Five kids, a runaway train - can they stop it? Tickets can be ordered online or can be purchased at the door. There are two matinees on Saturday and Sunday with 7:00 PM and 9:30 PM show times all other days.


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The Bicyclist Commissions Phonique To Create Clothing Line

In The Bicyclist Steve Jones is a bike mechanic and fashion clothing designer with her own company called "A Girl Named Steve Designs". See The Bicyclist 5: "Late Night Picture Show" and The Bicyclist 6: "Drink and Bike". Viewers haven't seen that much of Steve's more arty side, but that will all change soon when Steve starts designing her bike clothing line.

Steve is a fictional character so The Bicyclist needed a real life designer. We found and commissioned that designer: Jesse Neilson of Phonique.

Jesse Neilson of Phonique at Burning Man 2007.

Jesse's design style is a collage of street fashion, high fashion and femininity that fits well into bike culture. She's starting with a few bike-themed t-shirt designs, a hoodie and some one-of-a kind designs. Look for them in upcoming episodes of The Bicyclist and arriving in our store soon.


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The Bicyclist Meets The Belligerantes

Carl Jameson, Jayme S. Hall and Jose Ortega rehearse with The Commander.

The Bicyclist 28: "American Pastoral" is complete and is ready to go online June 5, 2008. There's plenty of familiar faces in this episode, and new to The Bicyclist, the dramatic stylings of The Belligerante's.

The performances were all top notch considering that Paul Glazier as Zack is drunk, Elle Poindexter as Steve, Lucy Paschall as Nicole and Melissa Goad as Lissa are stoned and Jayme S. Hall as Conrad is well past the tipping point on his share of beer.

The shoots were a blast and it shows on the screen even the teeny weenie one on my laptop. Get ready for a good time and watch The Bicyclist gang party like it's January 20, 2009.

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