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The Bicyclist Movie Began Rehearsals

this past weekend. We all sat around and discussed the script, changes in the characters and motivations, goals, etc. - all that actor stuff that will kick the movie up several notches.

We also managed to write and shoot the next episode: The Bicyclist 30: "Tough Love"

Elle Poindexter as Steve.

Melissa Goad as Lissa.

The Columbia River makes a guest appearance on The Bicyclist.

It was hard work for all, but we plugged through the sunshine, the sand and the mojitos to make sure that although we're working on the movie The Bicyclist TV remains in our hearts.


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The Bicyclist TV To Become The Bicyclist Movie

If you were wondering: "Why isn't the blog updated more?" or "Why are the episodes only coming out monthly?" or "Where's the new Spare Parts?". Here's your answer:

We'd been hanging out in coffee shops for the last few months drinking espresso, smoking cigarettes and googling ourselves when hit it us: we should make a movie. The Bicyclist web series has been adapted into a full length feature script to be shot around Portland this August and September.

The feature will be shot in HD and we look forward to an early 2009 release date to film festivals and then distribution - most likely in keeping with the theme of DIY and the internet - self distribution via internet movie sites.

The Bicyclist web series will continue through October 2008 with three more episodes scheduled for production. Who know what happens after that - it starts to rain Portland for the next five months - so a vacation in Mexico is an option.

The Dark Bicyclist (working title) stars:

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter as Steve Jones
Paul Glazier as Zack Dupree
Melissa Goad as Lissa Valentine
Lucy Paschall as Nicole Holmes
John Patrick as Dewey Rider

Plus other cast members to come...

Written and Directed by Carl Jameson

Produced by Sharon Jameson

See it's in the Willamette Week so it must be true:


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The Bicyclist Makes Some Quick Changes

Elle Poindexter as Steve enters Foundation Garments.

The Bicyclist 29: "DIY" is in the can and that's about two weeks earlier than usual. That's a good thing - we shot a lot of footage for a great montage with Steve "creating" her new bike-themed shirts, the Belligerante's, a tense fight scene between ... and the always impressive Tricia Ferguson makes an appearance as Ariel Flores.

Elle Poindexter as Steve faces herself in the mirror.

There's much to edit and hidden gems to discover - like the discovery Steve makes when she comes face to face with herself in the dressing room of Foundation Garments - like she can change her outfits in seconds, remain poised and only sound a little out of breathe. A big thank you to Foundation Garments for letting us take over their store on a busy Saturday morning.

Now stop hanging out on your computer all day and get out and ride your bike. I'll do the same - right after I get the episode done. I will. Look for The Bicyclist 29: "DIY" on your favorite electronic device July 15, 2008.


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Jose has "Control Issues"

Jose Ortega (Jose Reyes on The Bicyclist) will be having a film premiere this Thursday, July 3rd at 9:00pm at The Screening Room in Portland (925 NW 15th Ave). It is for a short comedy he did last year called "Control Issues".

On the honesty scale, the public puts the car salesman just a notch above the lawyer. In private, car salesmen say that buyers are liars. After going along on this test drive, you decide. Who's really in control?

The showing, sponsored by OMPA, will be at the Screening Room in Portland at 925 NW 19th Avenue on July 3 at 9:oo pm. (Give yourself a few minutes to find parking, which is on the street.) Come! Watch the premiere, as well as meet the cast and crew.

The Bicyclist

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