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The Bicyclists Hits The Road Labor Day Weekend

Jayme S. Hall as Conrad and Elle Poindexter as Steve from The Bicyclists.

Stop shooting for a holiday? No way! The Bicyclists will continue to shoot this weekend - as long as the weather holds out.

We just went over all the "dailies" from our previous shoots and we couldn't stop now. The footage not only looks good - Jayme claims it's his new shampoo - but everyone's performances are now locked in tight.

By next Tuesday we'll have around sixty two and one half percent of the film shot - which is great- and some of the most complicated scenes complete. We've got a lot to be proud of so far and I look forward to even more surprises and strong performances to come.

That means you Jayme and Elle.


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The Bicyclists Welcomes Emmery Raw and Kareem Hill

Emmery Raw as Nadine and Kareem Hill as Rico from The Bicyclists.

The Bicyclists (the movie version of the web series) gives Steve Jones (played by Elle Poindexter) some roommates: Nadine and Rico. Nadine and Steve don't quite get along - imagine not getting along with a roommate - which keeps things hopping on the home front.

Emmery Raw has modeled for a slew of sports companies and has concentrated her acting in theater, that is until The Bicyclists. Her on-set energy and willingness to nail the character brought the character of Nadine to life.

Kareem Hill's experience includes theater, television and film. Kareem took the role of Rico and added his own style to a broadly drawn character. He's also done work for CBS, NBC, PBS, Paramount and Warner and now gets to add Craftmaster Independent to that auspicious list.

Thanks to you both.


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Another Weekend, Another Party For The Bicyclists

Zack ( Paul Glazier) is about to break up a party with his bike friends
Conrad (Jayme S. Hall), Lissa (Melissa Goad) and Steve (Elle Poindexter).

The Bicyclists has been zooming along this last few weeks of production. We've hit the halfway point with the weather being the only snag in the schedule.

Who'd of thought the Oregon was a such a cornucopia of weather in August? We've experienced 102 degree afternoons, 53 degree mornings, thunder and lightening storms, rain and slow moving warm fronts of sheer humidity all within the same day.

Most independent films have the challenges of a small budget and a tight schedule - but here at Craftmaster Independent we've added more: the film is markedly different for the actors from the web version. The Bicyclists expands the emotional range and depth of The Bicyclist characters. The actors must all forget most of what they learned about their characters, drop two seasons worth of habits, and add new motivations for themselves.

But challenges like the weather, hectic schedules and complex characterizations don't phase them because The Bicyclists are on a mission.


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The Bicyclists Is Kind Of On Schedule

Jayme S. Hall takes a break from shooting The Bicyclists.

The Bicyclists, the movie version of The Bicyclist, is making headway through reams of script. We shot scenes with The Belligerante's this past weekend and somehow we ended up on time and on budget. It could of been all that pre-production that Sharon did. We're one for four days on that score so far.

Next up: We shoot on location on Sauvie Island.


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The Bicyclist Caught In The Act

Jayme S. Hall and Elle Poindexter try to act nonchalant when the director, Carl Jameson, screams, "Perfect! Now one more time!"

We shot the first scenes for The Bicyclist movie this past weekend at The Recyclery. The days both went well, the cast hit their marks and the crew kept it all in focus. We got behind just like Hollywood and have a few pickup shots for the next time.

Next stop: The Belligerante's.

Desiree Brajevich has been cast, via our casting agent Craigs List, as Kate Bowman a not so tough as nails member of The Belligerante's

Desiree Brajevich

The next episode of the web series: The Bicyclist: "Tough Love" will go online 8/14. It's in the editing suite calling out my name right now.

Last, but not least a new "Spare Parts" will go online soon with behind the scenes footage from the movie.

and we're in the funny papers: CulturePulp, by Mike Russell

This is the place to get current information on Craftmaster Productions. It's open to the public to comment on the web series "The Bicyclist" and the feature film "The Bicyclists" and Craftmaster Productionns.

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