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The Bicyclists Are Out For Summer

Elle Poindexter and Jayme S. Hall ride in circles

It feels like the last days of senior year in high school around The Bicyclist offices this week. (No, we're not stoned, drunk and stupid.) We're wrapping up some loose ends on filming and are ready to move onto editing and post production work.

It's time to celebrate our accomplishments of the last two years of filming The Bicyclist TV and for wrapping a completely new rendition of it for the big screen. There's lots of thanks to go around and BFF pacts to be made.

If we had a vote on "Most Likely To Succeed" we'd all win. Where we go from here is anybody's guess, but I have an inkling you'll see us around again.


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The Bicyclists Wraps Principal Photography This Week

What started out as an overly ambitious plan to shoot a butt-load of scenes last week went off with few hitches. This decision leaves us with only a few more days of shooting. We shot all over the Portland metro area with all of the main characters in tow and a few more background players.

The wrap party is within sight and we're excited. All the scenes played well during our "dailies" focus group testing. The focus and effort brought by all involved is noted and appreciated. We've got a good film and once it's edited I can only imagine the performances getting even better.

I hope that I made all the right choices, but I'm sure someone would speak up if I didn't. Melissa?


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The Bicyclists Blows Through The Schedule

The Bicyclists whirlwind shooting schedule this week leaves me breathless and with a sense of gratitude for the opportunity to work with a group of committed and talented actors. Their onscreen performances and off camera help and patience with this DIY film production set The Bicyclists up to succeed.

We're going into the final turn in this production and we couldn't have gotten there without them or without the talents of Sharon Jameson and her wardrobe, art direction and scheduling. Actually without her and the actors I'd be just another guy sitting in his attic saying I could've, would've, should've made that film.

Then there's the make up artists...

Anyway, thanks.


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The Bicyclists Follow The Golden Rule

Jayme S. Hall waits for the light, while Elle Poindexter looks for it.

The Bicyclists calls for a natural feeling in the story, the setting and the acting.

We shoot a lot during the golden hour - either just after sunrise or just before sunset - when the shadows are long because the sun is low in the sky and the color of the sky is more gold than blue. The light is flattering to both human and nature subjects. We only shoot scenes that call for that type of light: romantic and ultra violent action scenes.

September's sunlight is more to the golden side than earlier in the summer. This weekend is all about the golden hour as we're shooting the Conrad character as he bikes around town - and since this is the movies - all day long it's beautiful in Portland.


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Spare Parts 2: "Meet The Belligerantes" Is Online

Don't forget to check out Spare Parts 2: "Meet The Belligerantes". Spare Parts, hosted by Cassie Skauge, visits The Belligerante's club house and catches The Bicyclist in some behind the scenes footage. Spare Parts can be found on the "Extra" page.

There's more Spare Parts to come and more of The Bicyclist episodes to come soon - right after The Bicyclists movie wraps principal photography in late September. We have two more episodes to go to wrap season two of The Bicyclist and the series - then we all hit the road with the film.

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