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Then Comes Editing The Bicyclists

We're well into editing The Bicyclists - somewhere past Act One and into Act Two. I wrote it, directed it and shot most of The Bicyclists so I am well acquainted with the footage. After the initial logging and organizing of the footage it's been a pretty straight forward process, although I feel like celebrating after every scene is complete.

I'm concentrating on the visuals and making sure I have all those elements in place. I edit the sound as needed, but will concentrate on that and polishing the film after I get this first cut done. I keep looking at the script and comparing it to the timeline to see how close what I wrote compares to the length of the film. The rule of thumb is that one page of script equals one minute of scene time. They're close so far, so the pacing I envisioned when I wrote the script is matching the finished film. That may mean nothing if it drags or goes too fast for the audience even if it's in lock step with the script.

What's more interesting to me is watching a world unfold before me: the cadence of the story, the look I've chosen for the film and the characters that populate it. I've been pleasantly surprised by what I've edited so far and still find my self nervous before I edit each scene: Did I shoot enough? Did I choose the right angle? Did I direct the actors into the right performance?

I guess I'll find out soon enough.


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Craftmaster Productions Is Proud To Sponsor the "Share The Road" Campaign

The billboards look like this only bigger.

Craftmaster Productions has teamed up with Clear Channel Outdoor to sponsor the "Share The Road" safety campaign. The ten-billboard campaign will keep the simple, but important message about road safety in front of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike for a month in the Portland area.

The campaign and its message is a good fit for The Bicyclist and allows Craftmaster Productions to thank the Portland bicycling community for its continuing support of the show. We couldn't have done it without you!

We were inspired to sponsor the campaign by a blog on by Jonathon Maus Thanks for giving us the idea.


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The Joy of Logging The Bicyclists' Footage

Logging footage is one of the most tedious, time consuming tasks in the production process: You have to go over every take and label it - in this case digitally name and make notations on the file - according to scene, shot angle, and quality. You can get more detailed and write so many notes on the footage that you never get to the "real" editing.

Logging is crucial in keeping all the footage in order, because even if you've wrote, shot and are editing the footage there's a ton of it in a feature film. I have over forty folders of footage representing twenty or so days of shooting - somewhere around 458.1 gigs of data - that amounts to 19 hours of footage.

I shot 13 minutes of footage for every 1 minute I'll use in the final film. A lot of independent directors shoot from a low range of 2 to 1 to a more likely number of 5 to 1. When you're shooting on HD the footage chews up a lot of space, but is still no where as expensive as film - so that's where my higher ratio comes in and the fact I shoot the hell out of every scene - just ask any of the actors - and I have an improvisational style.

More pre-production and storyboards might lower that ratio in the future, but finding the scene hidden within the script takes time. And from what I can tell so far well worth the effort for all involved.

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