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Thanks For All Your Support This Year!

We've had a great time this year creating the second season of The Bicyclist and shooting the feature The Bicyclists. The road we've taken hasn't always been easy or smooth - but the trip has certainly been worth taking. We've met and made new friends, had some great times and have made a show of which we are truly proud.

The best is yet to come. The Bicyclists is about halfway through its first edit and it looks great. I'm biased, but my baby really is the cutest baby in the world. I'm touched by the acting in every scene and every time I finish one scene I look forward to editing the next.

We're working on plans on how to best self-distribute The Bicyclists for us and our audience. We anticipate seeing a lot of you in 2009 as we plan to tour the country with the film. How that ultimately shakes out we'll find out soon enough, but we're looking for non-profit entities that might be interested in working together to show our film in their city.

If you know of any non-profit or charity that is somehow related to bicycling that wants to have a unique fundraising event please drop us a note.


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The Bicyclists Trailer Now Showing At A Coffee House Near You!

Craftmaster Productions has partnered with Art House Media to help create a network of video displays. Art House Media is a unique service that "electronically displays various kinds of community and business information, like special events, public service announcements, and other informational or promotional content. Community Networks operates like a local community board, similar to those found in coffee shops and grocery stores in your neighborhood."

What that means is a huge network of huge flat screen monitors all over the place controlling your mind, telling you what to do, how to think and act...kind of like cable tv -only local.

Why should you care? - well because the latest Bicyclists movie trailer is currently playing at at Touch Stone Coffee at 445 NE 70th Ave in Portland. So go enjoy a good cup of coffee and check it out over and over.

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