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Craftmaster Independent Launches The Bicyclists Website

The Bicyclists website is at

The latest feature film from Craftmaster Independent, The Bicyclists, now has its own website. The Bicyclists movie, an offshoot of The Bicyclist internet series, has grown up and moved out of its old website at .

The new website at is dedicated to the film. There's information on the production, the story, the latest trailers and screening dates. (You can even watch the series there.) We'll keep adding more to the site as we get closer to the release date.

Currently, The Bicyclists is "picture locked", which means all the live action visuals are in place. The graphics, sound and music are yet to come. If I stop cutting trailers we'll be done soon.


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The Bicyclists "Wheels North" Benefit Screening

We're proud to announce that The Bicyclists will show as a benefit for the Histiocytosis Association of America.

Check out their blog:

And our promo:

The Bicyclist

This is a blog open to the public to comment on the Internet TV series "The Bicyclist"

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