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The Bicyclists' Poster Is Here!

The Bicyclists' poster was designed by Sharon Dvorak Jameson

I'm proud to reveal The Bicyclists' poster. I feel it captures the essence of the film in an iconic and memorable way. Stay tuned to this blog over the next several days we'll be announcing the premiere date and location, plus adding links to musicians that are included on the soundtrack.

Thanks for your support.

For all things Bicyclist:


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Vote for Us!

We are making good progress on The Bicyclists - in fact we devote a lot of time every day to making sure the movie is a success. The movie is going to final audio mix in about a week and then off to the color correcting lab deep in Craftmaster Independent studios. After that's done we'll get you the details on the premiere and release of The Bicyclists.

In between working on The Bicyclists and client work we like to relax by working with others on video competitions spec spots. We recently helped on a spot for an online video competition - and it turned out real pretty and on-target too.

And we need your help by voting for it. The spot is for Sea2o an all-natural energy drink. It's on zooppa - a website that holds these type of competitions and also has a social networking angle to it.

Check out the video, sign up, login and vote.

Vote for our Sea2o spot here

Elle Poindexter (who plays Steve on The Bicyclist) is the producer and Melissa Rae-Goad (Lissa on The Bicyclist) stars.

Cassie Skauge, host of Spare Parts, did a lot of the behind the scenes work.

Thanks for your vote in advance.

Produced by Elle Poindexter
Directed by John Broxton
Starring Melissa Rae Goad

Director of Photography Carl Jameson
Art Director Sharon Jameson
Grip/Gaffer/PA Cassie Skauge
Makeup/Hair Design Janet Price
Original Music by Danielle Ross

The Bicyclist

This is a blog open to the public to comment on the Internet TV series "The Bicyclist"

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