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The Bicyclists: Coming To A Theater Near You!

We've got the press kit, posters, flyers - but we need your help in choosing theaters and putting butts in the seats.

If you're a fan of The Bicyclist web series and you'd like to see The Bicyclists movie in your city - drop us a note and we can talk. We're looking for places that have an independent theater, a few bike lovers and independent movie fans.

We'll bring the show to you - start the screening with an episode or two of your choice from the series, play the movie and throw in a free dvd of the series if we pick your town.

We've shown in Portland, OR and Davis, CA.

We're working on Austin, Texas - Bellingham, WA - Chicago, Ill and did somebody say there's a film club in North Wales (UK) that's interested in showing The Bicyclists. Yes, they did.

Give us a hand and some ideas on more places.



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The Bicyclists' Announces New Show Date

The Bicyclists' Official Collectable And Frameable Premiere Photo: (l to r) Paul Glazier, Melissa Goad, Jayme S. Hall, Natahlie Krista Lauren (in front),Elle Poindexter, Carl Jameson, Sharon Jameson

The Bicyclists' premiere in Portland, Oregon on April 10th was a great success. The theater was packed with the cast, crew and a general audience. The response was overwhelmingly positive - I personally loved the movie. I could be biased though.

The next showing will be at The Clinton Street Theater on April 16th at 7PM

If you didn't get a chance to make it to the premiere - come see The Bicyclists on the big screen - we promise it'll be fun.


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Listen To Carl Jameson Interview On The Quasi-Glamorous Life

The Quasi-Glamorous Life is a podcast with Mercedes Rose in which she talks about the ups and downs living as a working voice-over talent and actor.

Today we're talking The Bicyclists. It'll be fun and if I can keep away from "uhmming" too much and they only throw softball questions I'm sure I'll be fine.

Listen in LIVE AT 1PM PST- and if you can't be there live the podcast will be archived for you to listen to later - over and over.

The Quasi-Glamorous Life


The Bicyclist

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