The Bicyclists To Screen At Bike-In Movie Night


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The Bicyclists To Screen At Bike-In Movie Night

Our thanks go out to Front Range BBQ, New Belgium Brewing, and the Colorado Springs Cycling Club for being a great supporters of The Bicyclists and biking in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

A special shout out to Allen Beauchamp for his continued support of The Bicyclists and making this event all come together. We can't think of a better place to have The Bicyclists screen: There's the great city of Colorado Springs itself, New Belgium beers, and bbq ribs. If Colorado Springs weren't such a stretch away from Portland we'd be there too.

This fall and winter we're contacting bikephilic communities all around the USA and Canada and scheduling more screenings of The Bicyclists at similar bike-in movie nights and community events especially during National Bike Month in May 2011. If you're a bikephile or know of one please drop us a line and schedule The Bicyclists to screen in your town. It's free, fun, and we supply posters, postcards, and heck we'll even talk to the media.


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