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The Bicyclist Cast

Character: Conrad Miller                     

He's was a few years out of college with an English degree, and a few weeks out of a relationship and never had a decent job or direction until he read about Portland in a magazine — got in his car and headed west, from Middleton Wisconsin, to become a bike mechanic.
Played by: Jayme S. Hall                            Interview with Jayme  

Character: Steve Jones                  
A female bike mechanic. She is in her mid-twenties, independent, smart and loves to ride her old Schwinn all around town. She works part-time at a recycled bike shop called The Recyclery and designs her own bike clothing line.

Played by: Elle Poindexter                          Interview with Elle                          Elle's website

Character: Zack Dupree         

The bike mechanic of his own dreams. He’s got style, grace, a fixed gear bike and an attitude. He owns the road and is always at the ready to defend his right to ride any road, any time, even if it’s a dead end.

Played by: Paul Glazier                                Interview with Paul 

Character: Lissa Valentine                     

She owns the bike themed creperie “Tour De Crepes”, changes her hair color to match her clothes and dances with the bike dance troupe The Sprockettes. She’s flexible and always ready for her close-up. She won’t underestimate you — so don’t underestimate her — even if you can’t help staring at her chest.
Played by: Melissa Goad                             Interview with Melissa                    Melissa's website

Character: Jose Reyes                              

He's a filmmaker who loves bikes and b-movies. He talks fast, makes movies fast and rides his retro banana seat Huffy with a dramatic flair. His latest epic: “Bike Girls From Mars” is currently on hiatus because he’s building a “Flash Gordon” rocket ship out of recycled bike parts.
Played by: Jose Ortega                               Interview with Jose 

Character: DUI Rider

Aka Slow Jim: He’s been convicted of driving a car under the influence of alcohol – he rides a bike because he doesn't’t have any other choice. Watch out he could be behind you right now.

John Patrick

Character: Demon SUV

The on-road and on-line blogging nemesis of all bicyclists. No one knows who he is for sure – but he always shows up in unexpected places and at unusual times. He’s the disembodied voice of intolerance and evil.

Don Bellairs

Character: Nicole Holmes

She is headstrong and impetuous, with a dangerous flair for mischief. Nicole works as a bartender in an Irish pub and has a dog named Rex. Her warm accepting personality and her colorful Australian accent combine to charm just about everyone.

Lucy Paschall

Character: Ariel Flores

Designer Clothing Store Owner, Ariel Flores is not quite sure she’s located her store in the right part of town, but she’s trying to make the best of it. Thinks clothes make the woman and riding a bike is for those who can’t afford to lease a car.

Tricia Ferguson

Character: Ronald Jordan

The bike shop owner. He’s a large man with great whiskers and a friendly attitude. He is an environmentally friendly and a generous person who welcomes all types of bikes and bicyclists into his shop.

Ralph Huntley

Character: Tina Louise

A harried real estate broker with too little time and too much to do: like pay attention to the road.

Erin McGarry

Character: Mrs. Weekend Warrior

Never ready to ride, always ready to stop – until she realizes she might just be a better rider than Mr. Weekend Warrior. This biking thing just might be more fun than she thought.

Kelly Jo Horton

Character: Mr. Weekend Warrior

Always ready to go the extra mile or ten on his nicely equipped bike, but can he make it? He’s not a commuter; he’s a traveler on the byways of Oregon.

Mark Allen Eaton

Character: Picka Lock

Is he stoned, stupid or neither? A friend and a business partner with Five Finger Discount since high school. He can move bikes and other property under the radar of the authorities because his dad’s a local DA.

Mark Olsen

Character: Five Finger Discount

He knows a great deal and an unlocked bike when he sees it. Moves fast and is welcomed by bicyclist’s everywhere as one of them – the problem is that he is one of them.

Jacob Coleman

Character: Bike Commuter Guy

He commutes by bike to the corner office of his Portland law firm and back to his McMansion on the Vancouver side of the Columbia River.

Gregory Bourdeau

Character: The Super Deluxe Rider

Aka Dale Wonders - always wears an ultra expensive and a tight lycra outfit – no matter its appropriateness or the uncomfortable response of others.

Erin Larson