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A Diverse Group Moving Forward on Two Wheels

Portland has been awarded the #2 most bike friendly city in the world, the #1 cycling city in America and has been given a Platinum status for its bike-friendly community programs. With all that to brag about, itís clear that Portland has culture of bike riding. But itís not just that there are so many bicycle riders itís the unique diversity of riders, creative approaches and many times outlandishness that defines its ďbike cultureĒ.

Thereís a do-it-yourself approach and a do it your own special way attitude. Bikes are recycled, retro is cool, decorating and re-engineering them is constant. Bike events are vaudevillian in nature, but driven to show how many ways you can have fun on a bike - if just getting on one wasn't fun enough. All of this is born out of a community that has a strong environmentally friendly, progressive, pioneering history and has a vibrant creative class.

The bike community, both in Portland around the world, is a very supportive and dynamic lot. Itís almost like the adrenaline rush they get from riding their bikes fuels all their effort to spread the use, safety and enjoyment of bicycle riding.
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