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Spare Parts:
A New Eclectic Web Series About, What Else? — Bicyclists!

Spare Parts News: A Win That's "Hard to Swallow"

Cassie Skauge never ceases to amaze us with her talents. Recently she led a team that won Best Film at the 48 hour film project Equal Exchange Invitational. Her team represented Portland and competed against other teams from Seattle and Boston. They also won audience favorite in the Portland screening.

48 hour projects are unique in that teams are given a very limited amount of time (in this case 72 hours) to write a script, shoot it and edit it. All teams must use a given character, prop, theme, a film length (in this case 3 minutes) and a line of dialogue. It's a hair-raising experience! Cassies's team won with a mockumentary film, titled "Hard to Swallow". View here.

Cassie Skauge bring a fresh look at the Portland bike culture and is very eager to share with our audience her experiences as the host of the new video series "Spare Parts" a spin-off of The Bicyclist. She has a Bachelors degree in Theatre Arts and experience in all aspects of theater from acting to set design to prop master. Her knowledge of Portland and the indie community enables her to have engaging conversations with the cast and crew. Her healthy and intrepid personality fits well in Portland.

Brian Mazzola, the director of Spare Parts, is a festival recognized independent filmmaker. Brian has a BA in Documentary Production and his professional efforts have involved video projects ranging from humanitarian to educational to promotional. He has contributed to projects for the Discovery Channel, PBS, Fuse TV, and the Travel Channel.

Rampant drug usage, on set cat fights, unrated interviews and other typical bike stuff

Spare Parts is Craftmaster Independent's newest project. You might say it's a spin-off of The Bicyclist — or rides in tandem with The Bicyclist. It's an eclectic web series that will include behind-the-scenes clips, interviews with the cast and special features profiling members of the community — sort of mini-docs.

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