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Fahrenheit 451 pdf is a dystopian novel, ie, talk about a perverse utopia where nothing has to do with the archetype of an ideal society. In this society which speaks Bradbury is strictly prohibited to read, since reading involves thinking and reasoning, therefore, is not happy. Because in this society everyone should be happy, but not an inner happiness, but a stupid and hypocritical happiness consists in having many material goods and professional success. This is the idea that gives the infamous government of this society; the idea that the act of reading makes people less happy, but what really matters to the government is to control all individuals manage at will as if mere puppets should address, background putting the excuse for the creation of a welfare society.

Bradbury, this novel makes some very strong criticism. The book was written in 1953, but many of the criticisms made ​​to the society at the time, if not most, can be projected at this time. First, he criticizes society of consumerism and technology.Criticizes the fact that he is currently putting the case that people prefer watching Fahrenheit 451 pdf to read. If television were to be replaced -called Fahrenheit 451 pdf in the book reading, Bradbury reflects the combined company as a mass of ignorant people who do not even know where it comes from or where it goes, stagnant, with no evolution or as a society and as individuals . People who feel no love for the people around them-see the example of Mildred, the wife of Montagnier, who are unable to think for themselves, living in a bubble of isolation from others. Also criticizes the utilitarians and oppressive governments that use demagoguery and lies with the advantage of controlling their people. Critical to turn the time you lived in the United States only after the Second World War. A time when the government tried to reassure the public and divert the moral issues surrounding such as the fact that he used the atomic bomb.

Upon finishing this book, a feeling of sadness came over me deeply. Because it is sad to realize that what Bradbury describes in Fahrenheit 451 is not far from reality, it is not so much science fiction. Currently there are many oppressive governments and utilitarian, which completely isolate his people, as may well be the case of North Korea. In any society, not just ours, you are ignorant people who have not read a book in your life, you are totally manageable and superficial. Television is a medium stupider every day gradually into our lives, until the point where we can not replace it. You just need to mix these ingredients and voila, we would have the society Bradbury describes. It is sad to know that we have the ingredients, and only we need to prepare Fahrenheit 451 pdf.

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