Find the best hybrid bikes: tips and reviews

Hybrid bikes are a mix of mountain bike racing bike that many people find ideal for commuting, pleasure driving, running errands or sightseeing.According to the website Cycle Loft, the design emphasizes comfort, ease of use and upright riding position. Whether you choose a hybrid bike old or new, best be adjustable to fit you and have a strong and lightweight frame, a shaft low pedaling bicycle handlebar and mountain style wheels and race tires.


According to the experienced cyclist Ken Kifer, best bikes have a steel frame chrome-moly or Reynolds. Notes that bike aluminum, carbon and titanium, lightweight materials, are the equivalent of the best steel bikes that are heavier. The hybrid brands are of better quality. The main triangle tubes box should be thicker at the joints; tubes themselves should not show marks.

Ypalancas Handlebars

Hybrid bikes should have the typical straight handlebars of mountain, although you may want to choose a low lift handlebars for a more upright position when driving. The levers that control the changes and brakes must also be style mountain bikes. If you intend to use your bike to walk or run long distances, you may have to add extensions to handle to have more options for hand positioning.



The wheels of the hybrid bikes should have wider tires than those generally used for walking or driving on roads, adding comfort and traction. The expert rider Sheldon Brown advised to avoid heels tires mountain bike style because they tend to have a poorer performance in turns and slow down. Shop for REI outdoor equipment recommended slick tires designed for the road, or semi-smooth, having a surface with small heels only on the side of the tire to allow you to turn better in uneven terrain.

Axle pedaling

Sheldon Brown recommends looking hybrid bikes with low pedal shaft. The pedal shaft goes in the bottom of the table and controls the rotation of the plates and pedals. Many hybrid bikes have the style of the mountain, with the axes of pedaling at a great distance from the ground to avoid obstacles on the path such as logs and rocks. Hybrid bikes are not designed for rough terrain, although for compact ways. A shaft of high pedaling makes mounting and dismounting the bike often common in urban cycling, is more difficult.

Shape and size

Although you’ll consider many factors in finding the right hybrid bike for you, make sure to leave a gap of 1 to 2 inches between the top of the inner thigh and the top tube when you sit astride the bike. Check that the seat position and handlebar are regulated to suit you and your leg is only slightly bent when in the extended position when pedaling. A good way to find a quality bike is to go to a shop to assist you choose the size.

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