Fixies bikes or fixed gear. What are they and how to choose best fixed gear bikes?

The Fixies or Fixed Gears bicycles, in English, are gear bikes or fixed gear. This means that the rear wheel and the bicycle pedals are directly connected by a single anchored sprocket on the rear wheel, and simply means that when a Fixie wheels are in motion, the rider’s legs also move. But why use a bike like this? What are the advantages? Then we’ll see.

The simplest and oldest bicycle type is, without doubt, the fixed-gear bicycle or Fixie.These bikes are single speed with no freewheel, so long as the wheels are in motion the pedals are too. You could say that is the very essence of cycling, and the many enthusiastic cyclists choose to ride for a good part of their time due to the almost mystical connection that develops between bike and rider.

The Best Fixed Gear Bikes for fun

First ride on a Fixie requires some practice. Most people who try a bike of this type for the first time are taken aback when they find they can not roll in neutral, because the bike is not allowed and required to always keep your legs moving. Although a few days pedaling on a Fixie to take away the habit of rolling in neutral, get enjoy the most of its advantages.

Best fixed gear bikes

And the benefits are none other than a new way to enjoy cycling. When we mounted a Fixie, got a total connection between the movement of the bike and our legs, with a purity and simplicity that surprise from the start. If we go forward we ride forward, if we go back we cycle back, if we want to go faster you cycle faster and if we slow down, we ride slower consciously. Is there anything more pure and simple than that?

The Fixies, to improve performance

The Fixies Bicycles are a great option to improve our performance on the bike. When climbing hills, not have to worry about the type of development or the speed of the bicycle, as they simply do not exist. No choice but to get off the saddle and pedaling hard, even over the slope and we miss that little dish that has helped us many times.

With a Mountain Bike is inevitable roll with a development that allows us to climb a hill more or less comfortably, or at least is very easy to give in to the temptation to seek a more comfortable development. With a Fixie, this temptation away and we have to push the pedal hard if we want to reach the summit. And this gesture, guys / girls, improve our performance so brutal.

The Fixies, to recover our legs

Filming with a Fixie stands for continuously move our legs. The vast majority of cyclists, and I say shame all, we use the deadlock to recover on the fly. Riding a Fixie break this common habit and in turn little benefit, since rolling in neutral allows the muscles of our legs stiffen and also breaks the rhythm of pedaling.

When let’s roll on a downward slope with a Fixie our legs keep a higher cadence than a regular bike, and this will improve the flexibility of our muscles. In addition, roll a Fixie by a simple route to help our legs recover after competitions, intense workouts or injuries we may have had, favoring the movement and flexibility of the muscle fibers.

The Fixies, to learn to feel the way

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The Fixies bikes are those that produce the purest feelings on two wheels. We have to forget about suspensions and transmissions, and directly feel the road beneath our feet.Filming with a Fixie allows us to directly feel the traction of the rear wheel and the movement of the bike, and learn more effectively pedaling in rainy conditions, icy or muddy.

And with this straightforward sense of tension with a Fixie learn to correctly measure the dose and apply force on the pedals and the front brake of the bike. And since they do not enjoy any kind of suspension to absorb bumps in the road, learn to efficiently settling on the saddle and to better control the direction of the bike.

The Fixies, maximum efficiency of a bicycle

It is worth noting that the Fixies bikes are much lighter than a normal mountain bike. The absence of multispeed transmissions, suspension forks, shifters and rear brake (and even in the front depending Fixie) allow obtaining a much lower weight in the whole bike.

The Fixies also have the shortest chain and perfectly straight, which together with the absence of diverting pulleys, provides improved transmission efficiency that is very clearly during pedaling. The experience of shooting with a Fixie is completely different, and it is highly recommended to try one of them to really know what our legs are capable of.

A Fixie Mountain Bike and the perfect combination

Finally clarify that this is not to say that one is better than a Fixie Mountain Bike. Mountain bikes are designed to roll down the mountain, and on Mount efficiency surpasses that of any Fixie long. Ideally enjoy the benefits it can bring us a Fixie bike, then enjoy them on our beloved Mountain Bike that many miles with us.

We can use a Fixie for light workouts, to learn to roll in a different way, or to force our legs from different kind of workout. We can use it to have fun and learn to ride more efficiently, and we can also weave us curb excessive or rely too much on our other bike suspensions.

And once you get rolling with a fully Fixie, do not doubt but that your Mountain Bike machines shall be true up walls and down chasms. There you have it …

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