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The Bicyclists:

The Bicyclists

It’s pretty clear where the inspiration for The Bicyclists came from - the hugely popular hit web series, The Bicyclist, of course!

We’ve kept much of what you’ve loved about the episodes but reinvented the story. We still have the same main four characters (Conrad, Steve, Zack and Lissa), but each character changes in both small and big ways. We still have some of the same quirky comedy, but the drama goes much deeper and the story takes us to unexpected places.

Before embarking on a project as big as a feature length high- definition film we wanted to raise the standards to meet the task. We asked much more of ourselves (both cast and crew) than we ever did in the episodes. The result has been a more beautifully shot and intricately acted story than we ever expected.

This page is great for getting vital information about the movie but there is much more at The Bicyclists Movie website at www.thebicyclists.com.

    The Bicyclists Movie Trailer: 60 days

Plot Summary

A twenty-something Conrad Miller leaves a small town in Wisconsin, promising himself sixty days to make lasting memories before he returns home to take over his parent's cheese factory. Conrad journeys to Portland, attracted to its vibrant urban bike culture and beautiful scenery. Conrad makes valuable friendships and has a decidedly modern love affair with Steve Jones. The friends learn to love and live like never before, but this simple story reveals unexpected turns and darker elements as the sixty-day timeline counts down.

Art Direction

The movie skillfully intertwines a meaningful story with rich cinematography, hip local music and a video game to achieve something uniquely of its time and place.
    The Bicyclists Movie Trailer: Boy Meets Girl


It’s another Carl Jameson production as writer, director, DP and editor and Sharon Jameson as Producer.

All scenes were shot in Portland, SW Washington and Eastern Oregon during the months of August and September of 2008.

The movie was premiered April 10, 2009, at the Hollywood Theartre in Portland. Submissions to film festivals and small screenings have begun.

The format is high definition, approximately 95 minutes long.

The music score features Laura Viers, Little Sue, Morgan Grace and Bouy LaRue.

Read more on IMDb or at www.thebicyclists.com

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Jayme S. Hall – Conrad Miller
Elle Poindexter – Steve Jones
Melissa Goad – Lissa Valentine
Paul Glazier – Zack Dupree
Natahlie Krista Lauren - Girl
Max Merritt – Boy
Mercedes Rose – Girl's Mother
Harold Phillips – Girl’s Father
Trish Egan – Conrad’s Mother – Colleen Miller
Galen Schrick – Conrad’s Father – Eugene Miller
Desiree Brajevich – Girl Belligerante - Kate
Emmery Raw – Steve’s Roomate - Nadine
Kareem Hill – Nadine’s Boyfriend - Rico
Susan Billard – Portland Police Officer
Paul Park – Portland Police Officer
Michael Nolan - The Commander


Clint Ganczak – Camera Operator
Cassie Skauge - Lighting Grip
Matt Ediger – Script supervisor
Kisa Jones - Production Assistant and Grip
Ben Wiebe - Production Assistant
Alison Binford - Make-up
Crystal Shade - Make-up
Jennifer Gill - Make-up
Janet Price - Make-up
Rose Barclay - Make-up
Christina Kortum– Special Effects make-up