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Great energy and creativity in action, a simple but effective argument and Keanu Reeves inspired make “John Wick full movie online” one of the best action movies of recent.

“John Wick Online” revenge dish well served

On its surface, John Wick is the story of a guy who seeks revenge because gangsters killed his dog. How would that sound? Personally I think an interesting variation of the cliché of countless stories of revenge tough guy who loses his family, although I have seen quite a few reviews calling it the premise ridiculous or evidence that Hollywood is out of ideas, that notion so worn that no But often proves successful.

Although often instinctive pass judgment on something without having experienced it is never advisable, and encourage those most reluctant to take seriously a film with a premise like this to go see John Wick , since it is always healthy to rend us prejudices .

In short, watch  John Wick online is one of the best action movies that have come in recent times, and absolutely must for fans of the genre.

Watching John Wick ( Keanu Reeves ) lives a normal life until his wife succumbs to cancer. Days later, arrives at your door a special delivery: a small dog that his wife, knowing that time was running out, bought for her husband would not have to suffer alone.

In a casual trip with the dog in its impressive Mustang ’69 model, Wick encounters the son of a Russian mafia boss, who offers to buy your car, what Wick refuses. Offended, the young man and his henchmen burst into the house John Wick online, surprise him, give him up, kill the dog and steal the car. However, they did not know that Wick was actually one of the murderers to most feared and deadly salary.

The trinity of direction-dash-performance in this film works perfectly. The film was directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch , debutantes as directors but experienced coordinators stuntmen and choreographers of action worked in films like Matrix , and have a command of visual language of action resulting in overflowing fantastic scenes agility, movement, energy and an almost musical rhythm in their cacophony of gunfire and beatings.

Moments like the assault Wick to a nightclub and the final showdown that combines vehicular fleet and action are moments that become instant classic action movie, and John Wick be my favorite action movie of the year if not for 2014 also we gave the unequaled The Raid 2 . However, there is a very close and very honorable second place.

Then we have the script Derek Kolstad , which masks a surprising level of intelligence and insight behind a facade of simplicity. Although the adventures of a murderer dispatching countless people can not help but be morally ambiguous, the film is not particularly complex in its morality. One of the villains kill an adorable puppy, after all; the film makes it impossible not want to see Wick charge a painful revenge.

And this premise that the first may sound like a parody actually hides a surprisingly deep exploration of what it is to be in mourning. Which brings us to the last piece of the puzzle: acting.

Reeves as an actor was always criticized for having a rather limited range, but in the right role can do great things, and John Wick is the right role for him. The moment Wick explains why the villain is willing to go to extremes to which arrives by “just a dog” is both a poignant moment the statement clearer intentions of the film in its eagerness to explore the duel and one of the best performances I remember seeing Reeves. It is at that moment that ends Wick to become credible as the unstoppable killing machine that everyone keeps saying the film is.

In addition, the film is simply very enjoyable, as well as the most brilliant examples of the genre. The script Kolstad first part of the film establishing the reputation of Wick is passed, and it is particularly satisfying to see how the mobsters, including the head of the organization - played by the always reliable Michael Nyqvist - pale when they realize who they are to be confronted. Even he gets the nickname of the Russian equivalent of “bogeyman”.

The film also has some interesting ideas in the background that make you want to reach a sequel: the idea of ​​Hotel Continental, for example, is delightfully typical of a world halfway between the real and one out of the pages of a comics, and is enormously full of potential that I love to see exploited. Yourselves discover what I mean.

If you are a fan of action films, John Wick is highly recommended. It is absolutely mandatory.

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Directed by Chad Stahelski and David Leitch

Written by Derek Kolstad

Produced by Chad Stahelski , David Leitch , Eva Longoria , Basil Iwanyk and Mike Witherhill

Edition by Elísabeth Ronaldsdóttir

Director of photography by Jonathan Sela

Soundtrack composed by Tyler Bates

Cast: Keanu Reeves , Michael Nyqvist , Alfie Allen , Willem Dafoe , Adrianne Palicki , Ian McShane , Toby Leonard Moore , John Leguizamo , Lance Reddick , David Patrick Kelly andBridget Moynahan