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The Bicyclist has been dreaming of the "Share the Road" message for some time. In fact since Episode 7, Sir Conrad.

Now we are reaching a wider audience as we co-sponsor with Clear Channel Outdoor on the "Share The Road" safety campaign. Ten Portland billboards will put the important message about road safety in front of drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians alike for a month.

The campaign and its message allows the Bicyclist and Craftmaster Productions to thank the Portland bicycling community for its continuing support of the show. see billboard
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Blogs and new media

Biking Bis
“If you want to learn about the customs and lifestyles in Portland in which bicycles play a part, there's no better place to go than "The Bicyclist,". . .”

Tribabe Blog
“There are 30 episodes to watch, so the next rainy afternoon you are bored, get caught up on it! . . .”

Webisode Guru
“The Bicyclist proves to me that there are still original ideas to be had . . .”

Crank My Chain
"Steve" was HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!! She is really funny and the show seemed great....you got me hooked then IT STOPPED! What's with the greasy girl in the cage? J.D.”

“Episode 4 was great! Steve did a great job and hit it on the head with the "ah schucks" for Conrad... Conrad is sooo funny too! Great job guys!”

Sydney Body Art Ride
“From Jacksonville, Florida and Bike Jax: . . . The Bicyclist is my number one favourite internet TV show.”

Bike Jax

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Two Wheeled Commute: “ . . .As you watch the first few episodes you notice the production and writing get much better throughout the series. Give it view and enjoy.”

Two Wheeled
“The story line is great (provided you are in to biking). I just thought it was quite amusing. Check it! “

Urban Velo
“you’re most likely going to warm up to the characters by episode five—at least the recycled bike shop mechanic, Steve . . .”

Rocky Hillside
March 1, 07 - “Good find, I'll definitely be keeping my eye on this this one. I can't wait to meet the SUV character, though I'm cringing and glancing over my shoulder in anticipation already. “

March 15, 07 - “I watched the new episode last night. Gotta love the villain.”

April 12, 07 - “Things are getting better. Steve does have a heart. Conrad still doesn't have a brain. A woman in a cage has "glute power." And the Demon SUV has Conrad's e-mail.”

May 2, 07 - “I confess: I'm hooked.”

May 10, 07 - “I found myself laughing and wishing there were more.”

May 24, 07 - “The main actors are 'getting their legs.' . . . Steve - who reveals her real name in this episode - is a pleasure to watch. She's in character, believable, and comfortable.”

“Different stuff, even when it's weird or silly, is good. What the heck was that "glute power" thing? Sir Conrad v. the Demon SUV had me laughing.”

June 7, 07 - “What deep truths has The Bicyclist revealed? None. What have I learned about human nature or life? Not a thing. Have I learned anything new about Portland or bicycling? Nope.”

“Why am I still watching this? Must be the same reason I still drink beer. (Though unlike beer, The Bicyclist gets better with each episode.)”

June 22, 07 - “Zack is good. The frat brothers are back - love the very last few seconds of that scene. . . . the Demon SUV turn up in brief, predatory appearances. Easily the best episode.”

July 12, 07 - “It's worth noting that The Bicyclist goes high-brow this time - Jung, Cervantes, and . . . E.B. White's 'Charlotte's Web.'”

Google Groups
“Urban cycling, LBSs, alternate lifestyles, sex. Where is it leading to? 'Drink & Bike'!”

“The first episodes brought a smile to my face as I recognized the local landscape (waterfront bike route that runs past OMSI (Oregon Meuseum of Science & Industry)) coquolisms and brought a song to my heart;”

Free Wheeling Spirit
May 11, 2007 - “I am concerned that your villain, the Demon SUV, is not evil enough. For one thing, the SUV should be shown speeding, tailgating, violating yields, running red lights, and veering all over the road while the driver chats on a cellphone. Moreover, the Demon SUV must sport a Bush/Cheney bumper sticker as well as a pro-life and/or pro-war sticker.”

November 7, 2007 - “The episodes are short and fun -- basically the opposite of the time-sucking drivel that's on television.”

“. . .episodes 19 & 20, the driver of the Demon SUV is revealed. It's not Karl Rove, however...”

Revver Editor's Blog
“Funny thing about this - the networks will probably pick up on the whole bike craze in about five years and do a CW show about urban bike kids, but the beauty of the internet is that somebody is already tapping into that scene and doing a show about it. So don’t wait for old media to catch on (they move so slow!). . .”

Cycle Dork
“. . .That said, The Bicyclist is must see for anyone who enjoys depictions of young-adult drinking, male sexual competition and bike jousting.”

October 10, 2007 - “. . .these shorts are worth full screen another glass of red wine and I think I am ready to sit through the full series of THE BICYCLIST”

“an urban hipster 90210... portland... not beverly hills 97210... a cycling soap opera that I can not turn away from okay... “

November 1, 2007 - “. . .it is amusing, it is bicycle themed, it is clever and fun, the kids are cute and counter culture”

“Lissa balanced the scales of the battle of which counter culture hottie is more hot previously I was leaning towards the steve character.”

Eat More Hummus
“I've gone back and watched every single episode to date and now I'm too far invested to stop. This show puts the CAMP in Campagnolo. It's a beautiful bike wreck. It's... well, watch it.”

“We here at Cycleliciousness are big fans of Portland, USA in general and of bike advocates in Portland in specific.”

“While we will never, ever understand how Portland finished above Copenhagen on Virgin Vacations list of 11 Most Bike Friendly Cities - we put it down to bribes and faulty research :-) - we love what they're doing 'over there' about creating a bike culture.”

Pinch Flat News
“It's getting harder and harder to argue that Portland, Oregon isn't the epicenter of cycling culture: They have their own bike-culcha soap opera fer crying out loud. For the record, we like!”

“. . . Anyway, The Bicyclist makes our own "rich media" dalliances seem like roughly what your average third grader would do given a Mac, a box of Lucky Charms, and a small collection of mid-90s crunk-rock CDs. But we do what we can, given the obstacles God has thrown in our way.”

Out You Back Door (online Magazine)
“Take a group of friends, add the bike, and you've instantly brought in: new friends, wacky schemes and big ideas, diverse landscapes, a range of social classes, quixotic predicaments, the huge variety of bikes and bikies, and several quality adversaries---the weather and SUVs, to name a couple. WOW! ...All thanks to the bike. Talk about a key to unlock the door...”

“Go indy filmmakers! Kick butt! Throw Hollywood BACK in the bushes!”

“The Net and a digicam takes out the overhead...and sets the Little Guy free. YEAH!you've insta...”

Ratro Bikes Forum
“I'm ashamed to admit I watched every episode, am now hooked and waiting for next season. It's freezing rain out! What else was I gonna do?”

Keith Wikle
“Finally a channel just for the rest of us: The Bicyclist”

“The acting isn’t bad. The writing is pretty good, maybe better than Friends. And Steve may be hotter than Jennifer Aniston. (Steve is a girl!)”

No Drive Just Ride
“...This is a little online mini-series that is actually pretty addicting “

“...Maybe the best line so far for me came in Episode 15...”

Media Coverage

Two-Wheel Reel
Willamette Week, Scoop Section

Culture Pulp "The Bicyclist captures the Zeitgeist. . ."
The Oregonian, Entertainment Section

TV Guide: "Best of the Web"
"The Bicyclist" makes the Hotlist!

"Two-wheeled sitcom might have legs"

front page story in The Oregonian

"Portland's Internet-only Ensemble Comedy"
Carbusters Magazine

"New web TV series based on Portland bike culture"

"Galaxies of TV Choices on the Web"
The Oregonian

"Pick & Click: A Guide to Internet TV"
The Oregonian

"A.M. Northwest," KATU-TV

Jayme Hall and Carl and Sharon Jameson dodged the ever curious television media on the AM Northwest morning show.

KEX 1190 Radio
Airtime for an audio of The Bicyclist during a discussion of internet videos.

Portland’s Thriving Bike Scene

“Nutcase Helmets to Bike Friday, Oregon’s bike madness fuels a $150 million industry”
Oregon Business Magazine, January 2009

“Oregon's Governor rides his bike to work to set an example”
Oregon Live

“In Portland, Cultivating a Culture of Two Wheels”
New York Times

League of American Bicyclists names Portland first
large city in the U.S. to gain Platinum status

April 2008

Portland selected as America’s Greenest City
Popular Science, February 2008

“Best Cities for Cycling”
Bicycling Magazine

“Where are the Most Bicycle-Friendly Cities in the World?"

Portland tops 2005 list of “21 Best Cycling Cities in the U.S.”
Bicycling Magazine

“Total estimated impact of bicycling on Portland’s economy is close to $63 million”
June 2006 study

“Getting in Gear”
Willamette Week

Portland has highest percentage of bike commuters
U.S. Census Bureau

“Portland’s Bike Culture Creates Market”

Oregon Public Broadcasting

“Local bikers push the envelope in creativity and conscience”
Portland Tribune

Bike News

“U.S. Mayors Consider Bicycling Resolution”
American Bicyclist Update

“U.S. cities promote bicycling as gas prices soar”