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The Alchemist PDF is undoubtedly one of the largest and best known of the great Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho works. The main themes of the novel include the development and personal growth.


The novel The Alchemist pdf tells the story of a young shepherd named Santiago, who decide to pursue their dreams. At the beginning of the novel the young sheep have a business with which traveled everywhere, and thanks to which she obtained a money that could live, but gradually begins to grow in the protagonist’s ambition and desire to travel and see new places. It happens that the young shepherd experiencing the same dream several times, and to interpret it uses a guess, and later to a sage. It concludes that the dream was telling him that his treasure was in the pyramids of Egypt, and so, the young man decides to sell his sheep, leave everything behind and go to the new continent in search of his treasure.

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Coelho’s work I liked mainly for its thoughtful fictional character, because despite how absurd it may seem at first glance, the author conveys a profound message: pursue our dreams, and listen to our heart, which is the only who really knows our destiny, our dream, or rather is named in the novel, our “Personal Legend.” I agree with the author when he says that when a person really desires something, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true vuleva, and this is evidenced by the story of Santiago, which despite going through many obstacles to reaches its end destination, just because he never stopped believing and listening to his heart. I think The Alchemist PDF is one of the most interesting works I’ve read, and recommended to consider all book lovers, especially those in high school, they will have to decide whether to choose a career or another, depending on whether you really like or because it outputs. Paulo Coelho and I encourage you to follow your hearts, and fight and believe in your dreams.

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This novel written by Paulo Coelho I found very interesting because it is an adventure story in which the action takes place with a certain lightness that keeps you reading tired. Moreover, the theme that hides in the background seems to me very instructive because through a simple adventure teaches the ethics of life, which is based on the destination, which is written by a single hand, the Ala (as the work). As for the characters, you can differentiate between all the different types of personalities between humans. From the poor to believe you will ever achieve their dreams because of their poor condition (owner of the crystal shop) to the wisest person (the Alchemist Epub). Instead, Santiago shows an evolution as a person. At the beginning of the story we see a James simply concerned about his sheep, which only need to eat and drink. After having several dreams begins to reflect on these and seeks an interpretation. This is a novelty in the evolution of the character as any other person had not given importance. Having come to the gypsy who played not very well, he decided to go find that treasure that drew much attention. So well made, and during their journey in personal evolution will progress through the experience with people and other desert continent. In conclusion, it’s a pretty deep in their thematic story itself is analyzed in detail, so I found it easy from the beginning and what has made him to enjoy more adventure Santiago

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