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ohn Green and me, it’s a long story. A real stroke of heart that began with  Alaska Who are you? , the first book by John Green, published in France. A great story that continued pounds sterling. John Green has never disappointed me. Yet the French public continued to sulk this unique and talented author. Even if he met a critical success and his talent was acclaimed by professionals of the book, John Green deserved more than a good word of mouth and confidential sales.

And finally, John Green eventually find success with The fault in our stars pdf . And not just a critical success. Not onlyThe fault in our stars PDF  has been voted “Best novel 2012″ by Time Magazine but mostly he stayed several weeks at the top of the bestseller list of the New York Times .  So when Nathan announced its publication in France, I was already more qu’impatiente discover our stars otherwise . Yet for the first time, the theme chosen by John Green did not get excited.

For our stars opposite is the story of a young girl suffering Hazel of lung cancer. Fortunately for her last treatment appears to have stopped the progression of the disease, but his lungs were too damaged and remains condemned .Driven by his parents to join a support group for kids with cancer, will meet Hazel Augustus who is lucky enough to be in remission.  Honestly I never liked drama books. And I think that deep down inside I was afraid that this sudden success is due to a change of style from John Green. For if he did not hesitate to address serious issues, so far, the best characterized the books of John Green is their energy and their desire to live.

But John Green has not changed his style and his followers from the beginning readers will find what they like about him. Starting with his characters who always have the knack to be absolutely unique, funny and a bit crazy.Despite the burden on their shoulders, the carelessness of Augustus and Hazel is amazing. Maturity too.

And then there is this dose of irony that makes the books of John Green so different. because if Hazel’s favorite novel is the story of a young girl suffering from cancer, she insists that she hates books on cancer. Especially those where the character is fighting heroically against the disease with dignity.  So if you like watery books, go your way. Far from it, the fault in our stars pdf opposite is bright and bold. And sometimes insolent , because John Green dares to go where you least expect it. Through the character of the writer Hazel admires above all, John Green dare say that sometimes life sucks and that the disease does not make sense. He has the courage to express anger Hazel is entitled to feel at the injustice of cancer. Hazel Anger had long abandoned for resignation. But it turns out that his resignation is not an abandonment. Simply a way to keep moving forward. One day after the other.

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John Green find the words to speak lucidly small victories, defeats and moments of respite between battlesagainst cancer. It addresses without pretense how family, friends, doctors and patients face the disease. And on this point, he shows a disconcerting honesty.

Yet contrary The fault in our stars PDF version speaks mostly of hope and projects. Even the most foolish. And all the little pleasures that pepper everyday life. But mostly this novel is resolutely turned towards the future and the endless possibilities it provided.  Actually John Green simply chose to reflect on the meaning of life, death and love. But his book is neither a book nor a pseudo-philosophical romance novel even if the relationship Hazel and Augustus is a beautiful contrast to the disease. Our stars contrary is simply a very good novel that devours with delight and which marks most of his readers.

The fault in our stars pdf download is therefore currently the book of John Green that his fans should not miss. It is also the one to have it read to all those who are still unaware of his genius and his simple, direct writing, and powerful. For surely John Green will long remain one of the contemporary writers for the most talented teenager.

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