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The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

This week the second part of “The Hunger Games” in his film version, a science fiction saga set in a world somewhat dystopian where the concept of freedom a long time that no longer exists as such does, premieres as well . I decided to do the reviews on this series written by Suzanne Collins The saga written by Suzanne Collins is an extensive series, is divided into three parts:The Hunger Games PDF, Catching Fire and Mockingjay .

The Hunger Games , right ?, often name a few games, and above the hungry, not that those who play hungry but a way of expressing what the game has been positioned to begin, we are in an Earth the future, the countries we know today are no longer such but have changed names and extension, the action takes place in Panem, what was once the United States, and no longer divided into districts in the States but the peculiarity is that these districts are classified into classes in the highest, to the lowest. The leader ?, a despot and megalomaniac man, President Snow, who is head of cruel and totalitarian government that is based in the Capitol, the main city of Panem, there live the most privileged of all. And the Hunger Games pdf ?, the way for the Capitol to say that they are in control of everything, The Hunger Games epub were created by the government of Panem following a rebellion called the Dark Days are a punishment for remember what happened and prevent future uprisings.


They’re games that are held every year to participate are chosen by lottery two representatives from each district called Tributes, aged between 12 and 18, are the districts called professionals, who are those with more money and that even if the rules prohibit him prepare their children to compete in the event of being elected to represent his district, and other districts are, those who have to survive day to day. Those Taxes shall go straight into a fight for survival as the Hunger Games pdf are a fight to the death and can only be one winner, all while being televised for all of Panem.


The series is narrated in first person by the protagonist Katniss Everdeen , a girl of 16 who lives in the poorest district of all, 12, dedicated to mining, lives with his mother and sister Primrose (Prim) than their 12 years will come first in the long list of candidates tribute, Katniss is used to challenge the rules, more out of necessity than the pleasure of it, and one of them is leaving the district to go to the forest to hunt animals to eat or to sell, escaping through a crack in the fence that marks his district and that due to rolling blackouts is virtually without electricity, accompanied by her best friend, Gale Hawthorne . The day of the “harvest”, a peculiar and extravagant woman named Effie Trinket is responsible for drawing names and one of the chosen name is that of her sister Prim, knowing he will not survive is offered as tribute and without aware of that that fact will begin to change many things in the bowels of Panem, the other chosen is Peeta Mellark , the baker’s son. The life of Katniss and Peeta will radically change, will District 12 knowing that it is quite possible that and never to return custody of Effie, and accompanied by Haymich , a man who spends his days drinking and drunk therefore, the rules dictate that a former winner of the Hunger Games pdf tributes should train their respective district and who becomes a mentor to Katniss and Peeta. They come fully into a life of luxury to which they are not used, they come to the Capitol where they will be trained and where a group of designers led by Cinna creeará styling them. Cinna, moved by Katniss to volunteer as tribute in place of her sister’s help no doubt making a spectacular staging primarily Panem and everything for the love and respect of knowledgeable audience earn that people can help during the fight by sending things like food and medicine, from the time Katniss will be called “the girl on fire” and Peeta reach people through ease for oratory and his overwhelming personality. Come the Games and begin to quickly discover the real cruelty, begins a real battle to stay alive while they are the subject of fun for the whole country, especially for wealthier districts, they will face each other and also to the dangers that the guards have such as tracker jackers , which are genetically modified avistas, or mutts , which are mutations in DNA Wolf Memorial tributes. Katniss and Peeta soon begin to rebel, and that in the Capitol not quite like anything, Panem is slowly awakening from a long slumber in which they have been plunged out of fear, one of the triggers was the performance of Katniss when one of the participants, Rue , a girl from District 11 who is old her sister Prim dies, Katniss makes a bed of flowers to honor her and that is something that touches the public, but the main trigger is the treatment that Katniss and Peeta come when those two are the only remaining survivors, or both or neither, threatening to commit suicide by eating a poisonous berry, the Capitol forced to break the rules and announce two winners, but the damage is done not have left, Panem has awakened.




The books are not free in any manner of disputes, and Collins was widely criticized because as many people have written a saga too similar to Battle Royale , and somehow the two stories are very similar: a game in which you must fight to death because it can only be a winner . While in the Hunger Games EPUB participants are chosen by lottery and will be two per district, Battle Royale 50 students choose a college, both are given weapons to defend themselves in the Hunger Games PDF tributes must run to the Cornucopia and catch those that may, in Battle Royale give them a survival kit, and a random weapon. One difference between them is that they put in Battle Royale explosive collar to them controlled, but no deaths in 24 hours Booom necklaces, exploit, what is clear is that both have the same purpose in The Hunger Games this slaughter sole purpose is to instill fear in the people of Panem, while in Battle Royale purpose is basically the same, besides being a military study. (Note: makes me laugh Peeta’s name, do not know whether to pronounce Peta, or Pita, English sounds something like “Pira” or “Ask” but in Spanish, Peta sounds like what it is, a joint, may also be the organization of animal rights, and Pita’s how you call the chickens in Asturian and Galician, then it is the pita bread). Next Monday will discuss the second part titled “In Flames”, I’ve decided I’m going to “talk” about it separately, one per book so I can dwell a little more and not be so concise, if you have not read this series you are already taking notice though that once you start it’s impossible to stop until the last book :-)

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