The Old Man and the Sea PDF by Ernest Hemingway

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The American writer Ernest Hemingway , Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954, wrote The Old Man and the Sea pdf in just eight weeks, in 1952, to fulfill a commission from Life magazine. However, he soon became its most popular and acclaimed work, despite being a novella, written in simple, direct language. Below is a brief summary and review of this vibrant and captivating one of the most popular representatives of the story the lost generation.

The plot of The Old Man and the Sea PDF, by Ernest Hemingway

Santiago is a Cuban fisherman too old for such a physically demanding job. Indeed, for almost three months did not manage to catch anything; works alone in his boat, as the young apprentice who accompanied him, Manolin, has been operating with another boat on orders from their parents. The failure James has also made him lose the prestige that was within their community.

One day he decides to go fishing in the open sea, to try their luck. After a while, he manages a large swordfish bite one of the hooks, thus starting a battle, in which James must use all his experience and will, until finally giving the fish ends. Exhausted and with the benefit that you get with the fish, the old man begins to return to port.

Unfortunately, the blood that flows from the fish, because of their size, Santiago has failed to upload bot- attracts sharks trying to eat him. The old must then restart a far more bitter struggle; improvises a sort of harpoon and manages to kill a few sharks, but ultimately fails to save more than the skeleton of swordfish.

Dejected and exhausted, comes to town and retires to his hut to sleep, feeling destroyed.But the townspeople, measuring the skeleton of swordfish, praises the strength and valor of Santiago. His achievement has elevated in the eyes of their neighbors. Manolin, who feels a great appreciation and respect for his master-he goes to the house and tells it everything you say to him now. Finally, he discusses his decision to return to work by his side, no matter what their parents say.

The background of The Old Man and the Sea, by Ernest Hemingway

Hemingway the old man and the sea pdf  is undoubtedly a parable about an aspect of the human condition: the heroic struggle of someone who, despite being in their darkest hours, is able to face the challenges of nature, represented in the great fish capture, but after overcoming them should suffer the consequences of doom, embodying ending sharks devouring the fish.

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The skill and expertise with which Santiago manages to defeat his opponent, far outweigh the physical force that no longer holds and the fact of being alone. It is therefore a claim of aging, to the extent that it is accompanied by courage and determination.

The Old Man and the Sea PDF is a song of optimism and motivation, both of poignant and gritty. Unintentionally, its effect is similar to the most popular self-help books .

The style of Ernest Hemingway in The Old Man and the Sea PDF

The striking thing about rnest hemingway the old man and the sea pdf , in addition to the strength of their approach is the sparseness and simplicity with which Hemingway tells the story. It is a linear narrative, just a little over a hundred pages, paragraphs short and direct, which intersperses some dialogues, especially those who have Manolín Santiago, at the beginning and end of the book; and himself, when talking to the fish and sharks during his three days at sea.

Hemingway does not stop to make a description of the feelings or emotions of Santiago, without thereby hide them; are the facts themselves, neatly narrated, which allow the reader to discover them correctly. The Old Man and the Sea Ernest Hemingway earned the Pulitzer Prize in 1953.

This “minimalist” writer, style masterfully exposed in The Old Man and the Sea , had a great influence on the following US literary generations: some tried to imitate him and others, on the contrary, they considered inartistic. The truth is that none has left indifferent.

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