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Published in 1960, To Kill a Mockingbird pdf by Harper Lee has not stopped since then crossing the line separating juveniles from adult novels. It is the only published novel by Harper Lee, but that was not an impediment to that bear the Pulitzer that year. The writer spent his childhood and youth between literature and social inequalities, both of which conveys in his work. He was also a close friend of another novelist, Truman Capote, who snatched the prize he had so many years pursuing. In the end I had to forget it, because his most famous work, In Cold Blood , was dedicated to her.

To Kill a Mockingbird pdf presents a very young but intelligent protagonist, Scout Finch, who lives in an imaginary town of Alabama of the Great Depression. It is a historic moment in which blacks begin to speak out, while white, terrified by the possibility of revenge, more narrow the siege of racism. Gunpowder is cast and just missing spark.Scout lives no stranger to these events, but has much more serious problems to attend to: his brother Jem and her new friend Drill, intends to find out what happens in the sinister house “Boo” Radley, an adventure for the summer boredom . The fact that adults refuse to speak of it only increases the curiosity of the three children, who manage to get the solitary neighbor out of his house to see him. To make matters worse, the mysterious “Boo” leaves them gifts in the hollow of a tree in the garden. Who is he exactly, and why only comes out at night?

But soon the same Scout discovers that there is more universe outside their neighborhood pranks. His father, a lawyer with a sense of justice, agrees to defend a black man who is accused of raping a white girl. The whole town turns its back on the family, which they accuse of being “nigger lovers” (after all the black family maid, Calpurnia, has the temerity to learn to read and write and treats children and their children!). The Finch will not easy to stand on principle and fight for what they consider fair.

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To Kill a Mockingbird PDF is a gripping story that mixes different frames: one of social critique, which follows closely the rape trial, and another in which the three children thoroughly investigate the mystery of his neighbor, whose criminal past nothing has to do with this solo which goes out at night to deliver presents. Two opposing stories are mixed even before the reader realizes. A highly recommended for youth and adults that will leave a lasting sediment at all novel.

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