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The dhampir can not fall in love. They are exclusively and guardians are required to continuously protect against the deadly threat of Strigoi (the most violent and dangerous vampires, the ones who never die). This is a problem for Rose when she discovers her tutor in the Vampire Academy will be Dimitri, for those who feel more attracted. The only rival to its measure is also the only one who can help her save her best friend.

Saga Vampire Academy:

  1. Vampire Academy
  2. Blue Blood

. 3  Shadow Kiss

  1. Promesa de sangre
    5.Spirit Bound
    6. Last Sacrifice

Personal opinion:

The review today is part of a book that has me mad, or rather the first book in the series, Vampire Academy pdf  for quite some time while I’m not going to read a book that I was given as eager to complete a series.

Richelle Mead has created an incredible story, even though I have not finished the series completely, in the first book I could see the beginning of a great story.With a little research I discovered that Vampire Academy pdf came in 2007, shortly after Stephenie Meyer was hailed as one of the writers bestseller then and also when the subject of juvenile vampires began to gain importance. I think a point to highlight is the new world for readers think Richelle. Few writers have the ability to create a new world to catch us.

This story is about a vampire world, where there are good and bad, until then we might consider “normal” change comes with three terms that are immediately familiar: The Moroi, Strigoi, and the dhampir . Believe me, you will understand perfectly their differences and that explains it perfectly. The good thing about this book is that the author does not try to delve into the plot quickly, it takes time and we will bringing slowly, without leaving anything that might be interested in history, does not omit details, it is more, it allows us to feel almost in person. Ok, that’s not quite true, is it? Understand, this story blew me away.

Understand the past and present of each character, and the best is that everything is consistently reinforced. Learn all about each of the three races represented in the book, from history to the limitations and strengths, admiring or hating.
Let me clarify that it is the best story I’ve read, but I really loved. I think in addition to being easy to read, is a novel that keeps us entertained throughout. Have a consistent argument which is carried with the exact time.
If you’re looking for action, there is, in perspective and is narrated perfectly, making closing the eyes can experience them firsthand.
Another highlight of the author, is the large number of interesting characters and necessary because it is not well used by the writers. Richelle introduces us to many characters that have their own stories and those who learn to appreciate or hate. You will see, they are all well made and have an interesting role.

Come to the main characters in the story:

Rose Hathaway is a dhampir teenager, and like most adolescents, Rose has a loose tongue. His personality is great. Rose is Lissa who flees with theSt. Vladimir Academy . After a while of living surrounded by humans, Lissa and Rose are forced to return to the Academy, which will catch up with those two years he has lost. But the return will not be easy, or when studying and fraternize with his former teammates.

It is a very impulsive passionate girl, rebel, while his sensitive side know. It is one of the most loyal characters I’ve read, it’s a sensational friend, and like everything to be real, has its side weakness and sensitivity, but will see how his mission is given.Actually I adored the character of Rose. It is the ideal type of friend. I think what I liked most is that she is not looking for perfection, but it is full of flaws, but its virtues are what make the finished worshiping. If there is some kind of prize for book characters, Rose would be my chosen girl.

Dimitri Belikov . Oh, yes, I could not leave out our beloved Guardian! After reading the book I began to understand why it generated so much madness this character. If someone can find Dimitri please be pleased to send it to my house.
Besides they are scoring on the list of male characters who would like to meet in person.

Dimitri is Russian. A Russian God. In an impressive height, a great body, dark eyes and a sly smile that even though little appears in history when I do I swear I will steal your heart. Stop! It is not only a God physically speaking. Dimitri has a unique charisma. It is quiet, efficient, safe, and is the best guardian of the Moroi world. Like Rose, discover how loyal he is and how committed he is to his work, though his feelings challenge your priorities.

I think the fact that it’s Russian, not English or American, gives a plus.

He’s the guy you’ll leave with the destroyed awaiting repair heart.

He is one of the reasons that I can not stop reading this series. I want to know more about it.

Maybe you do not share my opinion about Vampire Academy PDF, and I understand, but let me tell me that I have been fascinated by the time the story. Richelle let us think more in the following books to keep us discovering.

My score: 4 crowns.

Remember that the maximum score is 5 crowns.

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My favorite quotes:

She could not be Mason’s girlfriend because when I imagined someone holding me Pig Tales and murmuring in his ear, that someone had a Russian accent.

-Rose: Do you see anything you like? Dimitri: Dress.

-The Largest and most momentous revolutions often begin quietly, hidden in the shadows’ I watched Remember that.


And then, suddenly, it appeared, stake in hand, running down the hall dressed like a death overall. I do not want to cut my hair ‘I explained. He seemed puzzled. -You Do not have to. It is not mandatory. -All Guards do that and show tattoos. He let his hands unexpectedly and leaned forward. Slowly she reached out and held one of my curls, twisting around one of his fingers thoughtfully. I froze for a moment and there was nothing else in the world that Dimitri stroking her hair. Then he let the mane, somewhat surprised, and ashamed of how far he had gone. ‘Do not cut abruptly replied.


He released her wrists and her hands began to slip into the skin of my arms, going very slowly. I pulled him away from me without his shiny black eyes with desire and me against his body. He raised his hand to place it around my neck and curled his fingers through the strands of my hair as he tilted my head and my face closer to hers. He bent down to brush my lips with his mouth.  - Do you find me pretty? I repeated, swallowing hard. He looked at me with the utmost seriousness, as usual. I think you’re beautiful. - Beautiful? So much that sometimes it hurts me.


The film


Last week came to my country “Vampire Academy PDF” ( “Vampire Academy” ) in which is included a nerd character, the sexy sportsman, young and depressed bad girl … without neglecting the context, a world of vampires fighting for good and evil.Although I have been reading the comments about Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry , who enliven Vasilisa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway have not noticed major differences between the film and the book.Danila Kozlovsky Dimitri Belikov our plays, you judge if not indicated, to me it seemed the best choice, but I like the short hair, but still very sexy in that role.

Also of great importance is the role of Christian Ozera, who is played by Dominic Sherwood. Yes girls can scream because he is beautiful!They are really small details or scenes that did not belong to the original story considered a “best sellers”.

The film tries to differentiate itself from the known sagas.

He had read in a review that the film was shaping into a comic point, but it is clear that it is not, the jokes are occasional and well placed.

Tell them that the film would be treated a little boring as just reviewed the book, therefore it’s the same, just with a few tweaks, as always happens in the film adaptations.

Other reviews said it resembled many of the sagas we know.

Ok, I agree in saying that as long as we are consistent. If we say that is a copy of“Twilight” to have vampires and werewolves, yes, it is a copy.

If we compare the forbidden love of the characters, Rose and Dimitri, then they are a copy of “Shadow Hunters” ;

If that is training teens say it is  a copy of “Harry Potter” then this criticism is completely true.
Now, my question is, why always compare whether each story was written differently and at different times? Bone, we can not compare ourselves to movies when almost everything is invented, as always find similarities.

I personally liked the movie, and I hope his departure to treasure it in my DVD collection.

Needless to say, I hope judge for yourselves the film. Do not be swayed by criticism, sometimes they are very poor and illogical.

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