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Spencer Johnson
MD degree in Psychology. For over two decades, Spencer Johnson has been a source of improvement and change for millions of people around the world.
The key to its huge success has been to convey wisdom through simple stories that speak directly to the heart and soul.
All His works contain lessons that have helped millions of readers to live happier and confront problems with less stress.
Some of his books are as true classics, like the famous business management manual The One Minute , written in collaboration with Kenneth Blanchard.

Story Summary: At first the author explains how the characters are a part of ourselves. His characters are:

Two Mice: Sniff, who eavesdrops and detects the change, and is the part of ourselves that should be alert, and Scurry, which is the other mouse, who is not afraid to take the action before any changes

Two Lilliputians: Hem that refuses and resists change, fearing that will lead to something worse and Haw who learns to adapt to time; as understands that change can lead to something better.

At a meeting of old friends, all changes suffered in life until that day are counted. One of them explains that his life began to work better from a story that changed his life, which is as follows:

The two mice, Sniff and Scurry, lived in a maze, along with two Lilliputians, Hem and Haw. Every morning, the mice on one side and the Lilliputians on the other, are shod sports, going to run the maze in search of who moved my cheese pdf download, to feed, but this task was very hard. One day they found a large warehouse with cheese of all types, both mice and the Lilliputians went there every morning, and even the Lilliputians were created their own home in the store to get food easily. However mice remained cautious and sniffing and analyzing the cheese, while continuing hanging every morning sports, for if it came to that was scarce. Instead the Lilliputians settled home in the store thinking that the cheese was always going to be there. But one morning, the cheese was gone, and when the mice came and looked, their sports are shod and left in search of new stores; the two Lilliputians were deeply shocked and spent days and days searching through the warehouse, picking up the walls to see if they found something, until there came a time when they were too weak from lack of food, and Haw even afraid , got up the courage, find their sporting old, and leave him alone for new stores of cheese, while his friend Hem stayed in the store. One day Haw found another large store with lots of new cheeses where his friends were already mice with slippers hanging neck, then Haw joined them, and slippers neck hung up, when suddenly, He opened the door and was …… And so the author concludes the story, and was supposed to Hem they reconsidered and went in search of more cheese. Then go on stage again old friends who had gathered earlier to show how the story has affected their lives.

Conclusion of the story: the Elusive mice and Snoop form part of us that we should show, to be always alert, without trusted and sniffing change as Snoop, and with an open mind to accept the changes and act whenever needed quickly as elusive. The author tries, through this short story, making a comparison with real life, since the labyrinth is our life, which presents difficulties but if you do not quit, just moving forward. Although we in real life, like human characters in the story Allowed, are more like Hem and Haw, even most more like Hem, although we do not want to acknowledge that refuses to see reality and shuts itself for fear that change is counterproductive for him, not really seeing that changes happen, Whether or not prepared for them.

Personal opinion:

Cheese is a metaphor for what one wants in life, be it a job, a relationship, money, a big house, freedom, health, recognition, peace, or even a sport.Each has any idea what who moved my cheese free pdf and becomes attached to him, when lost or removed it be traumatic, and should be a change in life.

In the story, the labyrinth represents where he spends his time looking for what you want.

Spencer Johnson, MD wants to show to the book, people, friends and colleagues as we behave when making a change in our lives. As the book is said is based on the ” Change ” and the main thoughts that appear in the book are:

1) How to adapt in a world of constant change;

2) An amazing way to address the change in work and private life.

In the story there are a number of graphic writings on the wall by the Lilliputian Haw, what are the sentences that show Haw experiences in the maze when dealing with change and find a new who moved my cheese pdf ebook. Each phrase has an important meaning:

Special or have something special makes you happy.

When that something is important to you, the more you want to keep.

Suddenly if that something was over:

But you change you extingues.

There is fear in changing.

Move in a direction helps to find a new future.

PDF free download

When left behind the fear, feel free.

Dreaming of the future leads to him.

As the past is forgotten is change.

Moving with life and enjoy the change.

As shown and represents the book, the change brings a number of fears.These are due to the fear of facing Change. Such as fear of failure in the attempt. Fear of new experiences. And fear to live a new life stage.

The cheese is moved and we must also move, That’s Life !, is something similar in humans, life changes and moves, we must do the same.

As the change brings fear, it also brings some positive aspects, such as the success, new opportunities and experiences for life.

The main features for the change are very simple, first of all we must recognize the mistakes of the past, the second is to leave behind the fears, the following is a plan for the future, and the latter is learn to live with change.

As happened with Haw, each person must find their way of change , regardless of the amenities and leaving fear behind. Nobody could do for them, and convince them to do, they are the ones who decide. One way or another, you have to see for themselves the advantages of Change.

What Positivo_ The story is a crash course to adapt to change. It is a good example of how to handle a situation of change in life. The book has helped many people that have shaken the <> at work and in private life.

What Negativo_ Within this fantastic tale Hem only negative is that it is not able to cope with change.

The purpose of who moved my cheese is to let people know to do to change and have a new life through the change.

The book brings a very interesting topic that related to my life project, help me and help me to know that I do in situations of change and I should do.


When one comes to move the “who moved my cheese pdf”, move with it.

In order to change the mistakes of the past, leave behind the fear and enjoy the change.

Reflect by itself, without influence from other people, to change.


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